Friday, February 26, 2010

how much is too much?

so, i've been doing some..."research" stores to see where Josh and i should register for the wedding. i'm leaning towards Kohl's & Target, cause both places are awesome, and i adore Target so so so much. most of the things i've put so far in my Target wish list have been Rachael Ray kitchen items. RR annoys the CRAP out of me, yet i love watching her so bad. (i like to watch mostly because she doesn't do that "TV Kitchen Magic" and makes all her food in front of the camera, except for commercial breaks of course). and roomie and i love to comment every time she talks about how much of a money saver frozen spinach is, or how her in-laws don't like lots of garlic, so she just throws in a clove or minces it with one of those awesome grater things i want! oh, also, she has all these awesome orange things that i love. unfortunately, it looks like Target doesn't have many (or any) of them in store, they are mostly online. not sure if they will have them by the time we need to register, but that was a major bummer.

all this wish listing makes me wonder though, how much is TOO MUCH? like, i would LOVE LOVE LOVE these Rachael Ray pots and pans, but they are like, $200. that means, reasonably, at LEAST 5 or 6 people would need to go in on this gift together. is that too crazy? is that too much to request? sissy said that we could always register for the individual pieces and the set, to make it easier for smaller groups or single people to purchase, so there is the option...

so, am i being greedy? is a single item worth $200, or even more, too much to put on one's registry? (yes, i also want a kitchenaid mixer. and a dyson vacuum. and a house.)


Danielle said... Best Blogger Tips

put everything you want on the registry at target because you get a coupon for 10% off anything you registered for and didn't get for 30 even if you don't GET the big items, you can save a lot of money buying them after the wedding.

register for awesome pans. you'll never buy them for yourself and you'll hate cooking if you don't have good ones. that was molly's advice to me. i got $300 pans at my shower from a bunch of people and i LOOOOOVE them.

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

yeah. I say put what YOU want. if people don't get it for you, then you can use wedding money to get it! but people usually like going in together to get a big gift! and you don't want to put stuff on your list that you don't want, because you'll regret it and won't enjoy it!

Toaster4JC said... Best Blogger Tips

My suggestion: Don't worry about things being online only, I've had at least 3 different people send me wedding/shower gifts to my apartment already. And it gives those out of town guests an option also.

Something Aaron and I did (since we don't need a lot of little things) is registered for mostly big things and put a note in our registries and on our website that expensive gifts are meant for people to go in together on (ie. $300 gifts would be purchased by 6 or more people). So far two of Aaron's Aunts and Uncles have taken the advice but we'll see what happens.

I still say register for what you want because you never know what you'll get. I felt like at my shower people were WAY generous. People love you and care about you and would rather give you something you want than getting something unwanted.

Just my advice. Also I suggest registering for Hard-Anodized cookware (pots and pans). That stuff is AMAZING! We got them for my shower, but Aaron's mom had them before we got them and NOTHING sticks to them. You can leave stuff in them overnight. . .next morning it pretty much just falls out. Just a suggestion.

Hope wedding plans are going well!

mymcmlife said... Best Blogger Tips

I say put whatever you want on there. You never know when some cousin or uncle you hardly know might decide to bless you unexpectedly with a $200 gift. (That happened to us.) And if you don't get it, you could use gift cards or wedding money or merch credits from returns to go get it after the wedding. I think it's safe to assume MOST people plan to spend between $20-30 so it might be good to have a lot of things in that price range. (Not too many inexpensive items or really pricey items.)

apl said... Best Blogger Tips

Stumbled upon your blog from another.. Just wanted to give you a heads up that Target can be tricky with registries. They tend to be slow on updating your registry list (increasing your chances of receiving duplicates) and don't take returns without a receipt (most stores will use your registry as a receipt). This is how it was when we got married a few years ago, and I'm not sure if they've changed their policies- just something to look into.

amy grace said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks for the thoughts everyone!!

BillChristieLee said... Best Blogger Tips

Register for the good stuff. Don't go cheap. I was told the same and most of our stuff has lasted the 8.5 years have been married. Exept a few things that were very poorly picked out on my part and we have had to replace more that once. You don't want to have to do that. Get the good towels, good pots and pans, and BAMBOO UTENCILS OR Silicon! Lasts forever. Love them!

Amanda Duncan said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Amy! This is way late and everything, but I can't resist wedding talk ('s pathetic). I agree with everyone...don't go cheap. If no one gets it for you, you guys will get a discount and will probably have lots of cash and gift cards to get those sort of things off your registry. My pots & pans are my favorite present we got! They are anodized steel and are amazing!

Also, we registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond (lots of fun stuff) and Macy's. Macy's has a program that gives you a percentage back of all your gifts (either that you buy or someone buys for you). We ended up getting a $60 gift card from them after the wedding! And Martha Stewart's line is great!