Tuesday, February 23, 2010

our papa

if you have not heard, my dear Papa (my mother's dad), passed away yesterday morning. he's been dealing with cancer for over 9 months, which we found out about right after his wife, my grandmother's, death last June. we've known things have been bad since his operations in the fall-winter of last year, and we've guessed he was going to pass soon these last few weeks. he had a successful surgery last Monday, but ever since then his health rapidly declined. praise the Lord, however, he only spent a few days in a hospital bed in an unresponsive state. Gramma spent at least a week like that, and none of us wanted him to have to be that way for so long.

Papa was an inspiration to and was loved dearly by his family and so many of friends. my cousin even started a Facebook fan page for him, he has 249 fans and loved creating videos and saying hi to them, giving them advice on life, God and dancing.

we are so sad to see him go...i feel like i'm in shock, really. looking through images from Gramma's viewing and funeral, it all seems so surreal doing this again. it doesn't feel real.

viewings are tomorrow from 3-8 at Dusckas-Martin Funeral Home, 4216 Sterrettania Road. his funeral service will be at Grace Church on Thursday at 10am.