Monday, February 8, 2010

baby clothes

i was at my parents the other night and they had dug out some baby clothes my sister and i wore when we were little tykes in dreary England. some of these cute little bonnets and knitted things were made by my Gramma Grace, my dad's mum, who passed away last April. some of these were so adorable! i was trying my hardest to remember them, and i came across this one and i knew i had seen it before...

granted, i don't remember wearing it, but i remembered seeing myself in it...

yep, that's me. super cute and super happy. and there's sissy above me, with her blonde hair and Gramma Grace's nose. seeing this was so cool to me, holding something my Gramma had made for us over 25 years ago...just so awesome.


*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

You and Rach still look exactly the same, but just a wee bit taller!

rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

haha - kc :)

these clothes are truly so precious!