Tuesday, March 30, 2010

birthday updates!

i've been really slacking on the blogging lately! i've been super busy with church, volleyball, (kind of) going to the gym, work and of course celebrating my birthday ALL WEEKEND LONG!

so yes, i celebrated all weekend long. i mean, it's only appropriate.

staci and kristen celebrated with me Friday night for happy hour at The Plymouth. Fried soft pretzels, buffalo chicken wrap and $1 single-mixed drinks with friends was a great way to celebrate! not to mention their gifts for me - a Penn State organic T-shirt and (a picture of) Rachael Ray casserole dishes i've been wanting! i'm not sure if they got me the dishes or just the picture...

osh also gave me my gifts Friday night. he gave me a mall gift card on Sunday which i used that day, and Friday he gave me an awesome silver iPod shuffle and new case for my iPhone. i'm so excited to use the shuffle and so far i'm loving the phone case!

Saturday afternoon i stopped at Josh's gram's house and saw his parents and gramma. they gave me some clothes and jewelry for our honeymoon trip to Mexico (woo hoo!) and made some cupcakes!

in the evening, i saw my family at my parents house. my parents and sister & brother-in-law (and niece and cats...etc...) gave me some money to go towards the NY & Co. shopping spree i did a few weeks ago. so, they ultimately bought me clothes. plus, mom made dinner and dessert and rach also made a cake. my cousin and aunt gave me the NEW MOON DVD (to which josh is SUPER excited about ;) ) and some new athletic shorts and under armor. sweet!!!

i celebrated at hibachi on Sunday night, which was super fun and super yummy. also, Josh's sister-in-law is planning on taking me to lunch sometime for my birthday! oh, and a few weeks ago my friend Bethany gave me the new Sims 3 expansion pack (yes, i still play that game!) and a T-shirt.

i had a great weekend with friends, family and future-family! birthdays are fun. i like to celebrate mine for at LEAST three days. :)


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

1) we just got you the pic
2) you still play the sims?? looossseerrr!! :-P just kidding.
3) yay for your birthday!!
40 yay for vball tonight!

*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

YAY! Plymouth was fun. We should celebrate a birthday once a month there, whether someone has one or not!

P.S. How did Stace go from #3 to #40 in her list? Blondes.

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

ha! oops! darn shift key didn't work!
41) - agree w/kc on the plymouth! yummers!