Thursday, April 1, 2010

it's time to be completely honest.

it's time to come clean.

remember that little "meal plan" i've been on? well, it's definitely been non-existent for almost a week now. granted, my birthday was last weekend and that is cause for some off-meal-plan-action more than anything else. i'm also *trying* to NOT go to the grocery more than every other week, which leaves me with not much food at the moment plus the last few weeks have been so busy i've not been able to do much cooking.

i'm 100% sure i'm going to be screwed up by Easter, so i'm hoping to get back to healthy eating next monday. (i also get paid tomorrow which means grocery shopping can happen!)

but i would like to be a little proud of myself for a moment, because i have still been going to the gym. i went twice this week, by myself, and enjoyed it. i wasn't able to spend a lot of time, but i still went. also, i love my iPod shuffle. it's awesome. awesome. awesome. thank you for the great birthday present, josh! :)

ok. tomorrow is Good Friday which means DAY OFF. very excited. also, holiday weekend means Josh has off from teaching on Saturday! yay!!

hope you all have great weekends and Easter celebrations!


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

yay! so glad that you enjoy working out!! :-) that's what we are doing for your ENTIRE bachelorette party. . hope you like it! ;-)

jamie said... Best Blogger Tips

happy easter lovely :)