Friday, April 16, 2010

registry (un)fun

ok, so you can put registry stuff down as wedding dilemmas #5-#80 probably, since there are so many things to think about and so many different "departments" of things you can get and registry for.

i just spent the last 2 1/2 hours with my mum doing MORE REGISTRY STUFF. maybe i'm a little obsessed. Josh and i decided we would do some of the initial registry stuff together (focusing on those things that really mattered to him), trying to spend as little time shopping as possible, and i would take care of the rest. so, i've been on and offline searching and doing things, plus another visit to the stores today.

they may tell you registries are fun. they are not fun. getting things is fun, yes, but setting up registries = hard work. as a designer and not just "designer" but INTERIOR DESIGNER, i feel like i need to be taking my time with these things we are registering for, picking awesome pieces that we'll be able to keep forever! yeah, that's just...not possible.

i've just come to the conclusion that there are some things i can't get at the stores we're registering at (Target & BBB). i love Target, but i don't like their bathroom stuff really, so i'm not registering for it. hopefully we (i...) can find some stuff elsewhere that is more "us" and that i know i'll really like. so, i'm going to stop stressing about that. i'm going to get the stuff we really want and not get the stuff i'm not sure about.

another issue i'm finding is that Target DOES have a lot of stuff i'd like (in the Kitchen department especially), but it's all ONLINE! is it bad that half of our registry is products only available online? i hope not, cause i'm doing it anyway. like i've said before, i'm totes Rachael Ray-obsessed, and she has a lot of stuff online at Target. so screw it, i'm registering for those pieces i want! buying registry and gift stuff online is awesome b/c people don't have to leave their homes and it's SO much easier than going to the store (i think). only issue is shipping: i hope Target isn't too bad in this area.

well, anyway, now it's time to go back online and make more changes. ah!


Holly Renee said... Best Blogger Tips

I always thought getting gifts is the best part of a wedding (besides the amazing husband that comes along with it). I bet doing a registry is hard work. I think getting wedding gifts online is the best. I've sent gifts from target and bed bath and beyond registries online and it's always gone off without a hitch.

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