Thursday, April 15, 2010

wedding dilemma #5

(i think that's what number this would be...)

ok, so you all should know by now i'm a LITTLE bit obsessed about finding the absolute PERFECT shoes for the wedding.

here's my list of wants:
  1. comfy enough to wear all day (don't want to be switching shoes)
  2. no higher than a 1 1/2" heel (prefer flats)
  3. colorful, jewely or both
  4. peep toe if possible
  5. awesome, funky, beautiful, cute, adorable, unique, "wow-factor"...
well, last week i posted on twitter and this blog that my aunt should be my personal shopper, because she found the most fun, funkiest, cutest, unique and elegant shoes ever. the color wasn't exactly what i was looking for, but everything else was perfect and i knew the color would tie in beautifully. Friday of last week the shoes came in, Monday of this week i brought them back to my aunt as they are too small for my LONG FEET. it was a total bummer.

so, here are said shoes:

seriously, aren't these SO FUN!? the top sparkley bit are ZIPPERS, it is leather inside and raffia (i believe) on the outside. and so awesome.

i bought another pair yesterday online, gorgeous looking flats, with only one left in my size! i hope so bad i get them soon and they fit. i would love to have them for my dress fitting Monday!! maybe you get to see a picture if they work. you definitely get to see one if they don't. hope that isn't the case!!!