Wednesday, April 28, 2010

cohabitation woes*

*phrase coined by Michelle via twitter (though i'm sure someone else has said it before...)

Michelle had posted that her and her fiance just got their apartment and we tweeted a little back and forth about decorating, buying furniture and fiance's-not-letting-us-buy-new-furniture. Josh seems okay with the idea of me buying some new chairs for our dining area (he has some hand-me-downs thanks to awesome Missy, but i'd like 4 chairs, preferably matching). i'm planning an Ikea trip in May (with one cousin and visiting our Pittsburgh cousins, as i like to call them), and hoping to get some fun stuff for the apartment (while on a very very very strict-in-fact-negatively-non-existent budget). anyway, here's some chairs i'm looking at, in order of least to most expensive:



($19.99 - i really don't like this one, i'm not sure why i'm putting it as an option...)

($29.99 favorite, but technically over the amount Josh told me to work with. also, it stacks, love that. these are also kind of like knock-offs of Knoll's SPRITE chair, which i adore, but could never afford.)

($39.99 love it. but [probably] too much. but also stacks.)

so, thoughts? should i go with makeshift and un-matching pieces or should we look for a set? i really love the way dining areas look a little mismatched! our kitchen/dining area has wood cabinets with cream counter-top. flooring is cream and orange 70's tile. pretty standard for a townhouse, nothing fancy. i registered us for some red/orange/white/cream placements and table runner. plates we registered for are white and red.

here's another option: table & chairs for $79.99!


Martina said... Best Blogger Tips

Our chairs were $39.99 a piece from IKEA - a little bit of a splurge so we only got 4 thinking someday we'd get more - 6 or 8 total. I love our chairs and the fact that they stack, although honestly I've never stacked them for anything … except maybe moving. We ended up adding 2 vintage chairs to the ends of our table and I love the mix & match look. We'll probably never end up getting more of the GILBERT chairs afterall! So all that to suggest - get as many as you can afford of the ones you really like. Even if it's just 2. You can get more later or mix & match with different ones later.

Sidenote: Our first table was a card table and 4 folding chairs (cost $40 total) when we got married.

Martina said... Best Blogger Tips

oops I mean… GILBERT chairs are $49.99. Not that it matter!

Toaster4JC said... Best Blogger Tips

Could you maybe paint the mis-matched chairs to match your kitchen and that way they would match in color even if not all the same style? Don't know if they are wood, metal or plastic though. Just a thought.