Monday, May 3, 2010

engagement photo teasers

my amazing sister photographed josh and i for our engagement pics on Friday. i've been house/kitty sitting at my aunt & uncle's and thought they had some great garden spots for awesome pics.

she's shown me four to keep me shut up until she's finished the rest. my sister is SO TALENTED. if only we could've cloned her so she could've done the wedding pics too...haha, just kidding. i'm so blessed to have my very good friend Danielle doing our wedding pics, and i'm SO excited for those as well!!

so, here they are, and some observations i came across while checking out the pics...

we're fun and we love each other. i mean, you probably knew that second part...

we're goofy. and it's hard for us to take serious pictures without busting out laughing. also, it's hard for us to not create our own fun poses while Rachel tells us to do something serious.

um, we're super cool. i mean, hello? look at how cool we are.

josh is amazingly photogenic and so so handsome, and i look way skinny in this pic.

stay tuned for more pics at the end of this week, hopefully!


LiLu said... Best Blogger Tips

They're gorgeous! I love the fun ones, but you both do look fab in the last one ;-)

Robin Sue said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful pictures. Your sister did a great job. You always look super skinny!