Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my aunt should be my personal shopper

no, i was not kidding when i just sent out that tweet.
didn't see that tweet? @volleygalore. that's me!

anyway, my Auntie Paula is a great shopper and bargain hunter (yes, i said she was a great "shopper"). last year i was looking for a dress for a friend's wedding and she found this grey, v-neck Calvin Klein dress from Gabriel Brothers for like $20!!!!!! it was so awesome, and it fit me perfect. i wore it with a red sash and awesome red shoes, and i think it was a hit.

so, when i put out the tweet/blog saying i was hunting again for a different pair of wedding shoes, she was eager to jump on the search committee! i want to share the image, but we got them offline, so i'm not sure how they will fit yet (let's just pray they do!). i should get them in time for my first fitting!!! they are pink and funky yet elegant and feminine. not the *exact* pink i was going for (a little paler), but they are going under my dress, so, not like the color matters THAT much (i mean, i'm not getting blue or turquoise shoes here).

anyway, no pictures yet...maybe...not until the wedding! mwahaha!

yippee! i'm very excited. i hope everything works out!!