Sunday, April 10, 2011

Versteel Trip

so, i know i've talked lots about going to Jasper, IN for work to visit this awesome company called Versteel, but i never talked much about the trip itself.

my boss and i left bright and early Monday morning and headed for the Erie "International" Airport. okay, so, the airport may only go to like, three different other airports, but i tell you - 10 minutes to check in and no line at security at almost ALL times? it's worth an extra layover.

we arrived in Jasper, checked into our hotel (where they had shirts for us and little goodie bags of water, coffee and a coffee mug), then went on a short tour of the town before hitting up the showroom and offices.

Versteel showroom/offices on right, manufacture plant on left

the first day we received an overview of Versteel products and got to check out all the fun things in the showroom. Versteel started as a company providing parts to other furniture vendors until they realized - hey, why don't we just do it all? all of their manufacturing takes place in their plant in Jasper, with some specialized parts (like chrome plating) done in a facility a few hours away.

lobby, new furniture series Immix (in orange)
on Tuesday we were given a tour of the manufacturing facility by non other than the president of the company. it was so cool how he understood and explained everything that went on in the plant, knew the workers by name and had such a passion for his employees and what his company stands for. the majority of the parts they use are recycled and what isn't used is recycled. and again - all of their products are made in the USA.

we were able to meet our customer service representatives, government contract specialists, product designers and engineers, tech engineers - pretty much everyone on staff. being able to meet and know your vendors personally really drives you to want to sell their product. and again - seeing how the company functions, what they stand for and how they operate - this is a great company. i love selling product we believe in.

furniture showroom

we also got to see some of their new prototypes of furniture and ideas they are working around (that are still secret!!) as well as see some cool images of custom product that they do. because they are a small company that builds everything on-site - they pride themselves in the ability to do custom work - you want something you don't see as standard? just ask! more than likely, they'll do it - or at least try.
one of the lovely German delicacies at the Schnitzelbank Restaurant

there were three birthdays to celebrate - the waitresses sang to us

i had never been on a plant tour before, and their's was just awesome. walking through and seeing robotic machines bending steel for chair and table parts that we've sold to customers was just so neat. we got to watch them laser cut steel, weld pieces together, go through powdercoating, upholster chair seats and backs, assemble everything and get it in boxes. i suggest anyone selling any type of furniture to try to see how your lines are made! it gives you such a different perspective and appreciation.

another shot of the Immix seating system

Versteel reception. all the metal is done like their Vela series bases.

so, the trip was great. thanks, Versteel, for the opportunity to learn more about your company! now - let's sell some Versteel!


Meri said... Best Blogger Tips

What a cool trip to have "financed" haha. It sounds interesting to learn about the company. Oh, and celebrating b-days too !