Thursday, April 7, 2011


aren't these the coolest? herb-savor from the herb-savor has a little water well that keeps the herbs slightly submerged. these big ones go for $29.95 each and keep herbs fresh for up to 3 weeks. also, you can keep asparagus in them to keep longer!

these little ones are great too! set of three for $29.95. i think the mini set of three would be perfect for us!

i love having fresh herbs - and though freezing is a great way to keep fresh herbs usable for longer periods of time, there is nothing like FRESH herbs in your dishes. i love these. i wish i would have seen this before my bday...

there is a bunch of other awesome stuff on their website. check it out!!

for example...i also love these veggie-savors! set of three for $19.99. i have a garlic container, which is awesome, and had an onion one...but don't know where it is now and it made everything around it smell. these lock in orders and the larger one collapses for easy storage.