Friday, April 22, 2011

fabric friday: 04-22-11: Carpet + Taco Bell

um - how awesome is this? Taco Bell workplace in Irvine, CA.

 hey, carpet is fabric too. i mean, kinda.

designed by Luckett & Farley, this project installation includes Shaw products: mirror image tile, prisma tile, parody tile, etch tile, blox tile, site lines tile, tru colours tile, bon jour tile. i love getting these emails in my inbox, seeing all the cool things designers do with carpet.  i mean, seriously. for our company, the flooring - and usually carpet - is our main starting point for designing a space. once we have the carpet picked, we move to paint, fabrics, tile, window treatments - but the best designs start with an AWESOME carpet!

now if someone would redesign taco bell restaurants to look as cool as this...

images via Shaw Contract Group website.


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