Sunday, April 3, 2011

birthday celebrations

last week was my 27th birthday. 27 on  march 27. pretty awesome. also, i share my birthday with the oh-how-lovely Jamie Ann who is such a cool birthday twin.

this year my birthday celebrations lasted several days - lunch the Thursday before, dinner and happy hour initiation into the SKANK 27's club on Friday with S(taci) and K(risten). Saturday i stopped by Josh's gram's house and had cupcakes and got some fun gifts. after that my sister and i treated ourselves to spa manicures (birthday gifts to each other since her birthday is 5 days after mine) and Josh and i went to dinner at Victor's Restaurant at the Bel-Aire Hotel.

seriously delicious food there - they are stepping it up! so check it out if you're in Erie and want a little fancier dinner at an affordable price (it isn't straight up fancy there - but it's a little more formal than a chain restaurant). they have fresh bread w/ garlic and dipping sauce, great salad and i had apple, almond and brie stuffed chicken with rice and asparagus. delish!!

Sunday we had some of my family over for some mexican-themed appies, margaritas and cake (posted on that last week). i loved having all of our family in our place! it was so fun, the food was great and it was great celebrating with my family!!

mom, me and dad. unfortunately this was the only decent picture of all of us. my mum was in mid-smile in most of the pictures. ha!

even chloe wanted to try some cake!

me and my handsome hubby!

with niece chloe. except i feel like she looks like our baby in this picture, because i mean, we're both in it and so is she. she's holding my grocery list. haha.

love this gooshie baby!!

thanks to all my friends and family who celebrated with me and gave me lovely gifts! thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!! it was a great day (weekend...)!!


Steve Finnell said... Best Blogger Tips

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Meri said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Birthday! What kind of cake is that?

amy grace said... Best Blogger Tips

@Mericake is devil's food cake w/ whipped ganache frosting! i posted on that w/ the recipe last week!