Thursday, April 14, 2011

inspiration ideas: chalkboard paint

after reading my friend Martina's blog post on applying chalkboard paint to a closet door, it reminded me how much i LOVE that idea and want to do it in my home some day. here are more fun images and ways to use it!

love these ideas: make-your-own-custom-color idea from Martha Stewart

chalkboard paint on photo frame from Real Simple

love chalkboard paint in the kitchen. showcase a favorite recipe or fun way to write your grocery needs. image from

i adore this. wouldn't work too well in unpredictable Erie, however....but still. so cute. image from urbanjane: chalkboard paint!

another awesome use in the kitchen. image from mysweetsavannah. check her post for a lot more fun images.

what are your thoughts on chalkboard paint? love it? hate it? want to see more? want to see less? i love it, but wouldn't want to do too much. maybe one wall or a framed section in a kitchen (or on a door).


Alisun said... Best Blogger Tips

I too am a lover of all things chalkboard!!!!
I actually made flower pots like the ones you pictured above a few years ago for an event we held at Riehl Gardens they looked AMAZING!!!!
I kinda want to use them to put numbers on for table arrangements at my future wedding (tbd of course LOL!)
and a chalkboard in the kitchen is to die for!!!!! they always look amazing!!!

*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

I think the calendar idea is great for an office! And it's so cute!

I don't think I would like the kitchen grocery list one. Because I would still have to re-write the list - since I can't take the wall with me to shop.

I wonder how well it erases. That would be my main concern.

amy grace said... Best Blogger Tips

@Alisun great idea for a wedding! can't wait to see them...someday! hahah ;)

amy grace said... Best Blogger Tips

@*kc agree about the shopping list idea. personally i write mine a MILLION times over and over because i write down things when i think of them, then revise and rewrite in order of the grocery store. haha so that's not a HUGE issue for me. i'm sure you can buy certain wet-erase types of things so that you can really get it clean.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay! :) I have some leftover and I've been wondering what I should use it for. I saw a post on Ohdeedoh for painting wood blocks for kids. I'm definitely going to do that. I love the flower pot idea too. I think I saw plant markers out there on the interwebs one time too.