Sunday, February 20, 2011


wrote a long post about life, careers and changes.

felt it might be too personal to put into the blogosphere, so i saved it, and this is what you get instead.

i have a new goal: be the best i can be. at everything i do.

as this applies to my job/career, it's mostly a push to learn and understand more. i'm ready to be completely proud and confident in what i do - from the start of a project with a sketch or drawing to a customer to when our installers come back after project completion. webinars, training, vendor/plant visits, spending more time so i fully understand - whatever it takes.

wish me luck. i'm already starting to think i don't want to put in the work that this is going to take.

remember the goal for 2011: stop saying. start doing.

would love some words of advice or encouragement from anyone who might have gone through a similar life situation.