Friday, February 25, 2011

fabric friday: 2-25-11

1st and foremost: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTEN

Momentum Textiles is probably one of the textile vendors we use the most at work. they have great fabrics at great prices and are graded-in with most of our vendors, which makes things so much easier. doesn't hurt that our rep Michele is awesome and super  fun!

Momentum came out with SILICA last year and it won 2010 BEST OF NEOCON GOLD at Chicago. Silica is a new coated fabric made from 51% silicone and 49% PLA; with zero PVC and zero solvents and is produced using less water and energy than most fabrics/vinyls and made with no harmful chemicals. there is no harm to air or water quality at end of its life and it is Greenguard Children & Schools Certified™.

Silica it has a durability of 365,000 double rubs and can be cleaned with water, water-based cleaning agents or foam, solvents and is bleach cleanable (4:1). it is ink-erasable with water and inherently anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. it's such a great option for health care. 

it's got some pretty fun colors (and some standard colors) and we get to keep them in this cute little box from our rep.


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