Monday, February 7, 2011

books galore

i'm extremely proud of myself, for i have finished three books in less than a month and a half. after horribly failing my "goal" from early last year to read six books throughout the year (i read a whopping ZERO), i am proud to say i'm on track this year to make up for it!

the first book i started/finished is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. this is the first in the SKANK book club that we just started. i finished a month ago...and we still have at least a month before meeting to discuss the book. i have a problem of reading a little too fast when i enjoy something, probably missing important parts, but just so anxious to find answers and the next exciting bit. needless to say, i really enjoyed this book, but i'm not going to elaborate more on this as i will probably post to our book club blog after we've discussed it.

the second two books i finished were in a series my sister gave to me many months ago, before the wedding. i finally got around to reading them, and finished both within about three weeks. i must say, i really enjoyed the books, specifically the second. the books are something borrowed and something blue. i loved the main character's transformation in the second book. ugh. gosh. i would definitely say these are chick books, but i still think they were great. i don't feel like giving a review of the books, but i'll just say they are above love and friendship and two girls' journey to find what each mean. okay, i know that sounds cheesy, but the books aren't! i swear. plus, it just so happens that the one of the main character's has the exact name i've wanted to give one of our children - a girl - if we have one. though, josh isn't too keen on the idea...Darcy Jane. love it. Darcy cause i love pride & prejudice, Jane after my gramma.

AND, i didn't know they were making a MOVIE out of it! something borrowed is coming to theaters May 6th of this year! yippee!

anyway, now that i'm done reading those books and still waiting to start the next in our book club, i need to find something new to read! i'm tempted to stop by the library as i can't afford to buy books all the time (i'd rather save it for clothes + shoes).


the girl with the golden phone said... Best Blogger Tips

i love emily griffin. can't wait for the movie!

*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

How weird the character has the name of your future baby!

Also, stop by my house, and visit my lending library.

danielle said... Best Blogger Tips