Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!

happy valentine's day, lovely blog readers! i hope you have a fun time planned with family, friends or a loved one.

when josh and i first started dating, we selected valentine's day to be our "anniversary" so we wouldn't have to remember or celebrate twice. it was also our first "real" date, so it worked on many levels.

now that we're married, we both have agreed that gifts and going out for a fancy dinner aren't really necessary for valentine's day, so i'm planning a relaxing night at home with homemade sauce and meatballs, fresh italian bread (not baked by me, i just don't feel like it) and something scrumptious for dessert (chocolate melting cakes). we did get each other little gifts (slippers for me, chocolates i bought for him and ate most of) and cards (haven't exchanged them yet), but i'm just looking forward to spending the evening with my handsome husband!

if you're still searching for something fun to make for valentine's day, here are a few decadent sweets from some of my favorite foodie blogs:

cakepop kisses from bakerella
oreo truffle kisses from bakerella
red velvet whoopie pies from annie's eats
conversation heart cookies from annie's eats
white and dark heart brownies from smitten kitchen
beautiful strawberry tart from cafe fernando
the best chocolate mousse of your life under 5 minutes from cafe fernando

Lisa Jones Studio

have a great valentine's day!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy Valentine's Day! We don't do gifts and a fancy date for V-day either. Usually just something small like a card and once in a while flowers or chocolates. This year we decided to really be rebels and not do ANYthing on Valentine's Day. Instead we're going to celebrate the day after Valentines Day by buying discounted candy! (At least that's my hope.) It's nice to year that you and Josh feel comfortable enough to not put pressure on each other to make a big stinkin deal out of today. :)