Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mid-month mess-up

ah, bethany coined that lovely phrase. we're on day 15 of Making the Cut and both of us failed pretty miserably this weekend. i mean, it could have been worse, but...

time to get back on track for this week. i suffered (suffered is NOT the correct term. indulged is probably better) the weekend due to a wedding, birthdays, memorial day fun, and spending most of my time at Josh's, leaving the option for cooking unavailable. but, i had a great weekend, got some sun yesterday, hung out with family most of the weekend, and had a lot of fun.

yesterday i made a "picnic" for Josh and i which we ate at the beach. we were going to fly a kite, but both of us didn't feel like going to buy one, though when we hit the beach and felt the wind i think we were both a little bummed we didn't get one. we both got a little sun, which is awesome, then hung out with bri & rach for the rest of the day, indoors, playing video games (and eating more unhealthy food *sad face*). Josh was there keeping me accountable to my diet, or try to, but i wasn't very responsive.

fun spot by the pretty grass and soft, warm sand

look at that cute boy!

chicken salad croissants, pasta salad, and fruit salad!
a day of salads, but not the healthiest of salads...

windy. i love us!

oh! and i forgot to mention one of the best parts of the weekend. Saturday night Josh offered to drive us around the Peninsula, and on our way back out we stopped at Waldameer. it was pretty busy due to the holiday and impending fireworks, but we rode the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Scrambler (there were no lines on the rides though!), and it was seriously so much fun. we were laughing so hard, i loved it! :)


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You two ARE cute! :)