Monday, June 1, 2009

i'm not gonna lie

yeah, there was pretty much NO DIET this weekend. i'm not going to give any excuses though...i just didn't care! staci said to me yesterday, "aren't you on a diet, mase?" and i said, "not today!" whoops. bethany and i plan on going pretty hard this week (at least breakfasts, lunches, and working out). we have 10 days left i believe!

this weekend:
  • josh and i had a date night at TGI Friday's. we also started watching the movie "The Hustler"
  • saturday i photographed a baby shower and made cuppies with stace & kristen for katie's bridal shower (sunday)
  • josh and i played pool with mikey j, his brother todd, and our friends dustin & laurel. we also finished "The Hustler" (movie about pool). i think i became a semi-pro player after josh's tutelage!
  • sunday was an awesome service at church, katie's super fun and beautiful bridal shower, and a volunteer appreciation DESSERT at church. so yummy.
  • josh has been getting into the series FRINGE lately (well, he has all the episodes and we've been watching them). pretty good...though i cringe a lot watching them. i was hiding my head in his shoulder several times last night.
also, check back for:
  1. baby shower pics
  2. cuppie pics
  3. katie's shower pics