Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the days continue...

if you've read my sister's blog (or follow me on twitter or facebook), you've heard the news about our Gramma - the hospice nurse says we may only have days left with her. we were told this this past Friday, and Gramma is still hanging in there now. she's on enough medication now to make visits with family and friends easier for her and fun for us.

Saturday was pretty rough - i went to sing at church at 3pm but found out around 4pm that my Gramma was asking for me (probably since she was seeing all her other granddaughters that day except me), so my awesome brother-in-law told me i could go be with them (i also had a breakdown during practice and was having a really hard time singing anyway). it was so nice having all the family there (my cousins came up from pittsburgh with their mum), and we listened to music for a powerpoint of pictures of my Gramma.

we're expecting her to pass this week and my mum and aunt have most of the funeral and dinner planned already. it's sad, but we know she is going to be with her Lord and Savior Jesus, so we are comforted and happy about that.

thank you for all your prayers, hugs, love, and support for my family.


Christie Lee said... Best Blogger Tips

This story is so sweet. You are able to have precious time with her before she goes tobe with the Lord and that is such a blessing! Gramma's are so special. They breathe so much wisdom into your life and they are only with you for a short while it seems. I can see that she is an amazing women and has had a fullfilled life, an example of a job well done as a good and faithful servant....and gramma! Love you and thinking about you all this week! Christie

Bekah said... Best Blogger Tips

that's a great pic of all of us with nana...
<3 you baby girl