Saturday, May 9, 2009

busy weekend

lots of things are going on and being celebrated this weekend. also, this is the weekend before the big "fitness and eating healthy" 30 days begins, so of course i'm going to be eating way too much.

yesterday was my beautiful cousin (who could pass as my younger sister) Bekah's 18th birthday!!! rach and i celebrated with her at Marketplace Grill, downtown Erie, Under the Clock (for dessert), and after dropping off rachel, Bekah and i went to the dock and to visit our gramma. rach also brought her rented lens to practice for a wedding today, and bekah and i were willing subjects to be photographed. there are some awesome pics to be seen!!

me, bekah, and rachel. probably around 1993-94

me and bekah after a dundie's volleyball game

tonight all the SKANK's are being reunited for an evening of food, fun, and wine. it's been a while since we've all been together, so i'm looking forward to seeing them all!

tomorrow is Mother's Day, of course. i pretty much have the best mom ever. she's nuts, silly, funny, loving, supportive, encouraging, always willing to help, always there to listen, and just over-all awesome.

rach, mum, and me...under a tree...probably 1986-87. back in my blond days...

i'm singing with my sister & her hubs, and her hubs is preaching! i'm definitely excited for that, as we are also doing worship a little differently (we have no drummer, so we are going all acoustic - which we haven't done in a while [or ever] in the new building). we have brunch plans tomorrow, Monday is my grandpa's birthday so we are celebrating that as well...

....and JOSH COMES HOME tomorrow!!!!!