Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Making the Cut Day 1

yesterday was bethany and i's first day with the Making the Cut "diet plan."

breakfast was Kashi Go Lean! cereal with skim milk and two scrambled eggs. the kashi cereal was pretty good (though mine started to get soggy cause i was trying to eat the eggs too). my eggs were ok - i didn't have time to make them before coming in to work, so i used the microwave to make them...not as good as a skillet. also - no milk and no salt, just pepper.

lunch was cooked broccoli, low-fat cream cheese, fat-free italian dressing, roasted red peppers, and low-sodium turkey breast heated and combined in a skillet, then put in a low-carb wrap. this was pretty good.

3pm snack was an apple and raw, unsalted cashews. i probably only had about 10, but it was plenty. plus, our apples were HUGE.

dinner was moroccan chicken. i forgot to get a pic, but i have leftovers so i'll hopefully get one tonight. the chicken has allspice, cumin, ground cloves, and oregano (i didn't have oregano so i used italian seasoning). i baked that for twenty minutes while the Near East wild rice cooked (i really liked the rice).

my workout ended up being our hour long volleyball game. which was seriously a workout.

i can't believe how much i crave sweets...and salt! i've been having headaches the last few mornings and i was feeling pretty tired yesterday - the result of no coffee and NO (added) SUGAR. i walk down the stairs at work and see peanut m&m's. i'm at the townhouse and see my mug and want a cup of tea. these being out of my daily routine will be the hardest thing for me, but i've succeeded in one day! this should get easier...right??


Jason said... Best Blogger Tips

Hmm... I don't like the sound of this diet...

jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

i just finished phase one of south beach, which is almost zero carbs for two weeks (including fruit no less!) day three and four get a little dicey, but after that, the cravings really will start to disappear and you'll feel ten times better. i swear! good luck :)

dimwittery said... Best Blogger Tips

Weight Watchers worked really good for me. I lost over 40 pounds in 20 weeks using the point system. I was honking huge and wanted to get down to my love weight. No bubble butt for Alfred!!!

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

ewee scrambled eggs without milk cheese or butter or salt! grosssss!! good for you though! nikkie would be so proud! i don't think you need to be on a diet though! :-P we could always just sign up for another vball league so we can play twice a week! :-)

Jason said... Best Blogger Tips

A wise man once said, "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." To me, it's the only diet I've ever heard of that actually made any kind of sense. Look him up: Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food