Wednesday, May 20, 2009

office recarpeting...

yesterday i walked up the stairs of the office and saw this... (excuse the very orangey picture color, please)

that's right! "remodeling" has continued at AJ Grack Business Interiors. by 4 o'clock, carpet was ripped up from the wall to my station (the one shown on the bottom picture) and my boss was vacuuming and making lots of noise. when i came in THIS morning it looked like this...

so, the carpet is 1/2 done, we're all moved around (even more, now, 5 hours later). the carpet should be done tonight and the NEW FURNITURE up tomorrow! so excited!!!


Ron said... Best Blogger Tips

You guys can carpet my attic if you've got a good price, and can get it installed that quickly! :)

jendakerr said... Best Blogger Tips

I love new carpet... it makes me want to lie down on floors...:)