Monday, May 4, 2009

my modeling career begins

hmmm...not really. i have a problem with laughing a lot and being goofy, especially when my sister takes my picture.

anyway, a few weeks (more like months) ago, i went with sissy and some of her fun photographer friends to do a "trash the dress" session at Waldameer. it was utterly freezing, i went over my lunch break (and was not prepared with nice makeup or hair), wore my sister's wedding dress, and posed for pictures on The Comet - Waldameer's old, rickety, crazy roller coaster (ps: i hate roller coasters).

anyway again, rach put the pictures up on her blog (finally hehe) and Heather (one of rach's photographer friends) put some up a few weeks ago.

Rachel's Page

Heather's Page

they turned out pretty fun. i wish that...
  1. i would've had more time to do the session
  2. i would've known a little earlier that we were doing it
  3. i would've had a $99 dress that i could have really trashed or done crazy things in
  4. it wasn't under 20 degrees that day (except the sun and sky were AMAZING)

these are some of my favorite pictures:

taken by Rach

taken by Rach

taken by Heather


Heather N said... Best Blogger Tips

yay, it was so fun photographing you, looking forward to version 2.0!! :) I'm trying to round up some hair and makeup freebies for photos!!

j*amy said... Best Blogger Tips

heh, awesome!!! i won't be able to get out of work till 5 though,!