Friday, October 10, 2008


[me after lunch, on the webcam.
i wasn't unhappy at this point, but i was about to enjoy my pudding,
so...i mean, i should have been really excited]

well the 2 wisdom teeth that i have are now gone. i was at the doctors at 830 [taken by both my wonderful mum and first-mate dad], in the operating room passing out by 845 and waking up and almost ready to go by 915. i was told it was one of the quickest some of those nurses have seen. and they "didn't have to use any drills"! that's comforting. :)

i've been sitting on my couch at my parents house all day...dozing on and off or chatting on IM or Gmail with some of my favorite girls. as i've been laying here, 15' away and outside my door we had a deck going up. amazingly enough, they didn't seem loud at all and i didn't really notice them at all. the deck looks freaking awesome. the railing from our previous stairs was busted [we had concrete ones, they were the width of the door - very inconvenient when bringing large items inside because there was nowhere to set the items when opening the door]. now we have a deck about 6'x15' on the side of our house. it looks great!!! too bad they do it the weekend after i move out. i also helped my parents in buying new windows for my room - because mine are BAD - and they don't do those until next week. so i didn't even get to enjoy them! oh well. i just keep thinking how these things are going to help them when the have to eventually sell there house [if they ever do].

anyway here's some shots of the deck....

here's a shot of the flowers i just got from my bosses & co-worker [literally JUST GOT]. they are so thoughtful!

i dont have my good camera at my parents house, my mum has my tiny good camera but no connectors to get it on the we're stuck with webcam pics and iphone pics for today! have a great weekend everyone!


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

oh way to go amy's bosses and co-worker to make her bff's look bad . . . eek! the deck looks awesome and i just crack up everytime i look at your wisdom teeth pic!

rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

you look so cute and funny. i'm sorry i didn't have time to visit you today. what a nutzo day. the deck looks amazing!!

Jenn said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful flowers! Hope you recover quickly!

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

whoa yea you look funny and so does your housuuuuuuseee