Thursday, October 16, 2008

kitty update!

yesterday i visited my gramma and papa [it's been quite a while since i've seen them!] and got to see their three beautiful baby girls growing up!

little brookie


go with the flo girl

bekah and brooke

due to some unforeseen circumstances, flo was returned home to be with her sisters after a month vacation. the three of them are crazy and getting along like they were never separated! brooke looks SO similar to their mommy, Miss Mew, it's crazy. all the kitties are healthy and happy...they are getting so big!

yesterday i tried sending a picture from my boss's phone to my phone at about 11am during our meeting. iPhones can't "technically" receive picture messages [they can't at all send them], but you get a text message sending you to a website with a user id and weird password [like "vet8lazy"] where you can see the image. nothing happened on my phone, so i sent the picture again after about 10 minutes of waiting.
well, at 4am this morning i received two text messages from my boss with the picture link in it.


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

aww!! they are so cute! :-)