Thursday, October 2, 2008

it's almost another weekend...

oh well, i'm blogging about LAST weekend before THIS weekend...

friday i planned on driving separately to my volleyball game [it was an "away" game, but it was in erie] so that i could leave as soon as we were done and get on the road to pittsburgh. of course, i was required to ride behind the bus back to the school so i could make sure all the girls had rides [all 6 of them - 2 were boarding school all 4 of them - who all had rides waiting at the school - my other 15 girls wrote notes and went home with parents]. it is understandable - but they should have told me that i would have to do that in the first place. seeing as i had to jump on I-79, i had to go up that way anyway.

so i left about 7pm, things were good, driving smooth...and then i get a voicemail right at grove city. my plan had originally been to stop there, get gas and get a snack. but kt said there'd be buffalo chicken wing pizza waiting for me, so i opted to get gas in the morning and make it to pitts on my 1/2 tank [i was easily going to make it]. so, i check my voicemail, turn down my music...and hear an awful sound coming from the front left of my car. no clue what it was. it was dark, i was in the left lane, and i was going fast [ok, not THAT fast, but at least...72 mph]. so i managed to pull over, and started to call josh before i even got out of the car to ask for his advice. so, i step out, he answers, i look down - and there is a FREAKING FLAT TIRE. i was so irritated. josh offered to come out and change it for me [i have a donut in my trunk...isn't he sweet?], but luckily kt has AAA and was able to call, say it was her, then they came out and changed it [it took the guy 3 minutes and he didn't even ask who i was]. while i waited, i was visited by a cop, who checked my tires, driver's license and set up flares behind me, i updated my facebook & twitter statuses to make sure everyone knew my awful luck, and talked to josh & nikkie via AIM on my phone.

so, it took me a little over 3 hours to get to pittsburgh - where it would usually take me just over 2 hours.

saturday kt and i had to go to get a new tire, which...took us a LOT longer than expected. we told nikkie to meet us at Ikea at 10...but we got to the tire place AT 10...and to Ikea at 12...oops! and then the didn't have some of the stuff i wanted!! [like these shelf brackets and laptop stand...] oh well. kt and i managed to fit all my purchases [and her tiny bag of things] in her passport - but we couldnt look at each other the whole ride back because the boxes were sticking out past our heads...

[here are a few ikea purchases...]

and we still have two baby kittens at home. so....:(

kc and i get the keys TOMORROW! hopefully we are done moving in Saturday! [well for the most part].

i feel like i've been super busy at work for the last couple months...and all of the sudden...i feel like i have nothing to do today! crazy.


rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

aaaah i can't believe you got that bed that is so swweet!!!!


ron said... Best Blogger Tips

i got that bed a few years ago and still love it. i was thinking of painting mine black.

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

yayyy for ikea purchases and double yay for AAA!

I love when my big car is makes me feel less bad that it eats gas...but we need that much space for mike's gear every week and 4wd to make it to erie in the winter!

Soo happy i finally got to see kittensssss

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

ahH!! i can't believe you guys get the keys tomorrowwwwwwwwwww!!! i want to see kitties!!!