Tuesday, October 21, 2008

cupcake ahead!

that's right, folks - in the upcoming weeks i'll have TWO cupcake events. actually, probably three. i have no idea what i'm doing for them yet - but the majority will be halloweenie-fall type cuppies.

my last volleyball "game" of the season is next Tuesday [we have a tournament next Thurs-Sat]. it's an away game, and to honor the occasion i'm going to make some cupcakes for my girls. not sure what i'm going to make though. nothing TOO fancy.

friday and saturday of next week i have two halloween parties. i finally have a costume idea i'm excited about [not telling]. but again, cuppies will be made for possibly each of these occasions.

and, i'll leave you with some fall shots i took on the way to my parents house yesterday and some pics i took at my friend Kat's house on Saturday.

oh i almost forgot the best thing - this morning we noticed the car/suv parked next to mine had it's back window smashed in. pretty awesome.


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

pretty fall! eek! thats so scary about the smashed car!