Monday, October 13, 2008

back to work

i'd say i'm recovering pretty well since the extraction on Friday. after returning home i had to sit on the phone with the verizon guy for like 45 minutes trying to work out our stupid internet [at my parents house]. seems to be working ok now. other than that, i laid around and napped most of the day.

saturday morning dad made pancakes for breakfast, i laid around a little then packed up my stuff and went back to the townhouse. i had a bunch of stuff to unpack there, showering to do and more napping. kc and i [oops - i mean, just kc] made lasagna for dinner - it was awesome [thanks to my mum's recipe :)]. my cousin, aunt and sister came over to visit after a 2+ hour photo shoot for my cousin's senior pictures. oh, i must say, they look AWESOME so far. can't wait to see them.

didn't do anything else this weekend but watch some office dvd's [with josh on saturday], more sex & the city [i think it was kc's goal to start and finish the 6 seasons in one week before the cable came], sleep and eat pudding. oh, and kc made pancakes for dinner last night! [if it doesn't involve raw meat, she'll cook it].

i have four volleyball games this close to being done...looking forward to a not-to-crazy weekend though...yikes it's only monday and i'm looking forward to the weekend!

and looking forward to staci coming back to erie!!!!!!!!

oh, and thanks to my lovely parents for taking care of me Friday :) :) and helping put up curtains and a clock yesterday. hahaha!


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

aww yay!! coming back to erie so kc can make us some lasagna toO!! :-) so glad your recovery is going so well!!

*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

YAY! No raw meat - bleck!

YAY! No Sex & the City after tonight - CABLE!

YAY! No Staci living in Virginia - Erie!

YAY! No window without curtains - thanks, Masons!