Thursday, October 9, 2008

thanks martina for sending me a link to this awesome poster! a bunch of these design classics are now produced at Knoll - our main furniture line!
image via supermarket < lots of other awesome stuff here it seems!

well, today is my friday...but not because i get to take tomorrow off to do something fun...i'm getting my wisdom teeth out. it's been long overdue, though they aren't giving me any pain, they need to get out. i only have two, and they are on the top - so i've be TOLD that's not as bad. i hope i'm not out of commission for too long. i'll be home tonight and tomorrow, but my hope is to be back to the apartment on Saturday night so kt can stay over at our townhouse!!!

next week i have FOUR VOLLEYBALL GAMES. ugh, stupid. four games and three of them are "away" games - and i don't mean away as in a 15 - 30 min drive, i mean a 45 - 1 hr 45 minute irritating. the week after that - no games...the week after that - one game and a tournament...and then we're done! [and it's November...yikes!]

can't wait till all this busyness is over.

last night we had a meeting at church for the worship/tech teams. it was a pretty awesome time where my brother-in-law launched some new "planning" tools for the group. i'm pretty excited about that and all the other possibilities and plans going on!!

[oh, and sissy and i got our hairs cut together. i don't have a pic today...probs not until next week when i'm feeling better and can get the hang of doing my new "style"...(it's not really that new)]


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

bummer....i've had the link to those posters in my firefox for almost a year now hoping i would get you for xmas it's okay i have other ideas if i have you store up anyway