Wednesday, June 18, 2008

what's life without a dream?

after showing pictures of our Saturday visit to Dozen Bakeshop, a co-worker said, "I wish we had that in Erie." Specifically - Village West Plaza - a 5 minute [if that] walk from our office. After that comment, I was thinking how amazing it would be to have a place like that...and by "have" I

I don't see how anything like that could happen within the next 50 years, but I feel like my family has so much cooking talent [my Auntie Paula is a master baker/chef; my grandma makes amazing staples as spaghetti & meatballs, lasagna, homemade pizza, chocolate cake & cookies; my mother is a home-ec teacher, and makes favorites such as trifle, almond bars, and has inspired some of my favorite cuppie ideas; my great aunt [boss's mom] makes some awesome Italian desserts like biscotti; and even my boss and his wife are creative in the kitchen]. I imagine an Italian themed and family-inspired menu would be a big hit...[plus I have all the help I need in the Graphic Design [sissy / kt] area, I have an accountant, and publicist/communications director....].

how about "The Cuppie Place" ? hahhahah

eh, it's a dream I have...maybe someday.

until then, kc and I are going to visit our 2nd house today! yippee!


*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

There used to be a coffee shop in Erie (where Betrand's is) call Cuppuccino. You could open a place called CUPPIE-cino and have it be a cupcake and coffee shop!

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

and you have nikkie to help work our butts off to lose all the weight we gain from eating all the cuppies!! . . ooh kc . . i like that! it's always fun to dream b/c someday you can make it into reality! if you can dream it you can do it! at least thats what i like to tell myself . . .

j*amy said... Best Blogger Tips

stace, isn't that a disney song?