Tuesday, June 10, 2008

bridal shower!

hello folks, i am back from chicago safe and sound! i had no computer, no internet...no connection to anyone but through my cell phone...which was such an odd thing for me. however, i was so INSANELY busy, i barely had time for phone conversations.

i'm going to post about the Chicago trip, but not yet, and i will limit my 726 pictures to only the best of the best for your viewing pleasure!

on saturday, i had to get up, wrap my co-worker & friend Bethany's gift for her bridal shower. her shower was 12-3, but i left at 2, shopped till about 330, went home to start packing, went to visit my bbf Alicia who was visiting from FL for her friends stag & drag, then do more packing, then visit josh for a while, then iNSPiRAL practice [we had 10 in the "audience"! they are awesome, and they are having their FIRST SHOW on THURSDAY, June 12!!!!]. Anyway, i was home and in bed by 11, up by 345, and on the plane by 530am.

Bethany's shower was very pretty and very well done. her sister did an awesome job. it was at Jr's On the Bay [also known as "The Sloppy Duck", but who wants the words "Sloppy Duck" on a bridal shower invitation - "who wants the word 'pit' on a wedding invitation?" <>

for her gift, my sissy and i shopped Friday before meta café. i got her a cupcake carrier, spatula, prep bowls, dotted trivet thing, and pot holder & oven mitt...just thought that theme was appropriate...

anyway, here are my ultimate favorite shots from the afternoon. you can see the rest of my favorite photos here.


Michelle & the City said... Best Blogger Tips

oo i really like the colors. are those the same colors they'll be using for the wedding?

and i love that you gave a cupcake themed gift. hilarious.

Wickedly Scarlett said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that brown and green together!!

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

haaa how appropriate that you gave the cuppie prezzies! very fuN! :-P