Friday, June 27, 2008


rach wants me to make THESE cream cuppies! mmm....maybe this will be a fun thing to try...

kc and i have gone into mad-lets-find-an-apartment-mode in viewing 2 houses yesterday [myself w/ my mum] and 3 apts in a complex on wednesday. tonight we're looking at another house that is ridiculously out of our price range...buuuut i want to see WHY it is so great, and maybe see if kc can get the guy to lower his price? or maybe i heard him wrong?

i'm excited to move out. it isn't that i don't like my parents. it isn't even that i don't like living with my parents. i do, they're great, they don't really charge me much [but i give them money and buy things for the house...and buy them dinner sometimes, i think it's a fairly]...but i'm just desparate to get out on my own [with kristen]. i want my own place, i want my own room...driveway [or parking space]. i want to be at a more convienient location in erie for all the places i go...anyway...i'm excited...i feel like we're getting serious now! but i'm also getting seriously SICK of looking, and we've not spent much time looking nor have we looked at many places...ugh, makes me dread looking for a house [whenever THAT happens].

anyway! tonight is a graduation party & iNSPiRAL show @ the Beer Mug in Erie, tomorrow is a bridal shower & trip to pittsburgh till Sunday! yippppeeeeeeeeeeee! ugh, i'm TOTES glad it's Friday!!!

oh, here are some pics from kt's cousin's grad party this past Sunday:

i want a cupcake.


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

Ummmmm so on that last pic...i thought there was a piece of poop next to the flowerssssssss

(and i love my blurry ushe face)