Monday, June 2, 2008

babies and showers for babies

but, just showers for babies really.

Diane had her baby shower yesterday. it was lots of fun. tomorrow is a "surprise" baby shower for another of our youth leaders,'s not a surprise anymore.

i saw Danielle had this awesome picto-browser for her flickr photos...that i guess she found from sissy.....who probs found it from someone else...

also. my phone is totes broken. the battery is draining almost completely every day, no matter if i charge it all night or not. saturday i didn't receive any texts all day, nor did it send any. i finally shut it off and on [but after shutting it off, it won't go back on unless i actually take the battery OUT and put it back in] i received 6 texts. now i'm afraid i'm not getting things, and i have to "reset" it at least once a day. i'm very very irritated. technically, i can get my new verizon phone, but i'm not signing another 2 year agreement, seeing as i'm going to get the iPhone. however, i don't know if i'll be able to wait until September with this piece of poop, because it's probably just going to get worse. i might end up just paying the "get out of my contract early fee" just cause i can't stand it anymore. maybe if i go in to verizon and cry...they'll let me least...cheaper...


ps: check the bottom of the page for the new COUNTDOWN for the CRUISE! [det's to come!]


Danielle said... Best Blogger Tips

actually, i think i found that browser because of rach.

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

mase that was a totes ridic amount of shower pics....i skimmmed though them...

I do love the pic browser though! I saw it danielle's and wanted it. It took awhile to load though...boooo

yay cruise countdownnnn!

j*amy said... Best Blogger Tips

yeah, it totes took too long. i accidentally uploaded them to the wrong flickr account, so i meant to go back and fix them and only put like 15 -25 of the best instead of like um 100...:) but i haven't gotten a chance yet, same as the cuppies :(

freeandflawed said... Best Blogger Tips

Unfortunately I don't think Verizon cares about tears. Pretty sure they're immune :) Good luck with your phone!