Monday, June 30, 2008

and i have no good title

titles are always hard for me to come up with. especially on a post like this, that has no real theme...
also, sorry i've not been commenting, reading...or even posting [anything very interesting] as much lately...things just seem REALLY busy...June has been one insane shower, party or event after the other!!

my parents started digging into the "attic" [crawl space] the other day. i came up to my room tonight to find this:

...better known as "Cabbage Patch Doll" and "La Baby". Ah, the memories.
they've dug out a bunch of my old stuffed animals and want me to search through them...i'm sure it will be an enjoyable experience when it happens, but i'd rather not do so right now. i have enough digging through to do in my room under all my piles of clean clothes that i've yet to put away [it's truly getting ridiculous].

Friday night i spent with my sister & hubby [they came to see the show], kt, kc & iNSPiRAL. they pretty much rocked [and by they i mean iNSPiRAL, of course, but also sissy, bri bri, kt & kc]. Saturday kc & i went to kickboxing, then i had a bridal shower, then josh & i drove to Pittsburgh for another iNSPiRAL show. check over at their blog for more on the shows.

i guess that's all i have to say. i'm craving some cupcakes. it's been...2 weeks! since the last batch...withdrawal....blahhhhh

[friday show pics:]

[saturday shower pics:]

[saturday show pics:]


rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

la baby!!! aw.

i should probably be there cuz that might be my la baby!

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

ha ha! that is so funny! to come up to your room w/babies in your bed!

p.s. - clean your room dirty a! (a from the skank)

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

hmmm....babies in the bed might freak me ouuuuut!

Yay inspi....too bad i missed the sphinx show...oh was nice having everyone in Pitts for a change!

freeandflawed said... Best Blogger Tips

I always struggle with titles. I thought of you while I was stuffing my face with cupcakes this weekend :)

*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

What's worse then babies in the bed? Making babies in bed! (unless, of course, you're married and are trying to get preggers.)