Monday, June 16, 2008


ugh. first off, i'm having an awfully unproductive, rough, frustrating, irritating, no good, very bad day.

second off, i had an awesome, lovely, wonderful, fun, hilarious, and totes, probs & ushe-filled weekend.

Friday kc and i drove down to pittsburgh [stopped at Wendy's for a little din din's] and got to Nikkie's NEW HOUSE!! Stace & Shane had just arrived, and kt was planning on meeting us at the movies. Shaner drove us all to some crazy cinema [they had elevators!] where we went to see Sex & the City [i have watched a total of 3 1/2 episodes in my life, oh, and shane didn't go see that movie with us]. it was funny, i cried about 5 times, i felt inapprops about another 5. i would say do NOT go see this with your guy friends or boyfriend(s), but your girlfriends. it was really fun sitting with my best friends of 10+ years thinking "if we had tons of money [and lived in the NY], that would be us."

Saturday we went to DOZEN for breakfast and had some amazing fun foods [i had artichoke & red onion quiche! mmm so good]. and they had awesome cupcakes there! what was more awesome, is it is almost right next to KMA & Associates - one of the vendor groups we work with! So, some of our good friends from the furniture industry work there.

After dozen, kt, stace, shaner & i went to some marketplace for some cheap and fresh veggies, get rained on, and some authentic english chocolate. then we went to Giant Eagle to get ingred's for Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip [ah-ma-zing] and Cream Cheese Cookie Bars. Then Wal*Mart, cause we decided Nikkie & Matt needed garbage cans for their housewarming party.

The housewarming party was a lot of fun - though i'm a stupie and didn't get any pictures of the house/rooms all lovely and clean...blah, oh well [i was the only photographer for the weekend]. we attempted to watch Stace & Shane's wedding video [with no success :(], then had a short nap, ate way too much food, and had a rousing game of spoons. kc & i slept on an air mattress in their office [with kt & mike on another] at about 1130...while the party still raged downstairs...hahah.

*Stace *Kristen *Amy *Nikkie *Katie

mikey j & kt

kc & kt

"i can haz veggies?"

Father's Day went well, cookout with the fam, then went to see the new Indiana Jones w/ sissy & bri & josh. we laughed...a lot...and i'm glad josh enjoyed making little snide comments throughout the movie with me :) [i think that might be the right word...?]

also..iNSPiRAL buttons! yay!

anyway, i've been pretty unproductive today, maybe after i finish this post i'll do better...blahhhh.

oh well, happy monday! ugh...


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

I got ready for bed with your guys...buuuuttt then I started cleaning...and stayed up a few more hours...ooops....i know I'm a freak....haha

yayyyy for a great weeeekend!

oh and you dubbed up on the one pic of KC and I

(ooh my word verification was close to weeeez!)

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

okayyy dubbed up pic is goooooooood

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

1) sex was great!! completely awesome b/c it was a good movie & i was seeing it with my bestest friends ever!
2) my first time ever having buff chicken dip was this weekend and i must say . . . delicious!!!!! yum! i want more now!
3) the hand holding those buttons is sexy.


*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

YAY!! I love my SKANKs! Totes fun weekend, movie, food, and cookie cake! HA

freeandflawed said... Best Blogger Tips

Your blog needs to stop making me hungry.