Monday, October 24, 2011

weekend update: Oct 21-23

I apologize for being a little MIA on the blog-reading-commenting front the past few weeks. Things have been fairly busy at work and the majority of my free time at home has been spent either on the computer working on an [exciting!] interiors project with a friend or staying off the computer doing other things.

Anyway, this weekend I [again] spent a lot of working on this interiors project! On Friday I stopped at Andrea's Kitchens in Erie and Pier 1 for some inspiration for the project. Here's it all summed up in a little mood board for you all:

Dining Inspiration

On Saturday I went with said project friend to look and possibly purchase some of the above items. We went to Padden's paints to look for more options for one of the rooms and searched - and found [we  think]! - the drapery fabric for the dining room. I worked more on the project in the evening and hung out with the hubby, of course!

On Sunday after church Josh and I went to Best Buy where I picked up this sweet new case for my phone. I'm a klutz and fear for my poor phone screen's life now that I've cracked it once, so I knew I wanted something heavy duty. Loving it so far!!

In the evening we hung out and I made cupcakes for the Mercyhurst Interior Design student visitors we have coming tonight. Recipe later this week! Spice cupcakes [made with applesauce] and caramel butter cream frosting! They are pretty amazing.

Anyway, hope I'll be able to get back to reading your lovely blogs this week! Thanks for sticking with me and reading and commenting on mine!! Happy Monday! Have a great week, folks!


*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG. That iPhone case is ridic! Fingers crossed it works.

AmYaroundthecorner said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry I'm so late in replying to this :) I hear you about things being busy lately!

So first of all, your mood board is gorgeous-- so sophisticated & serene! Can't wait to hear more about that project!

And those cupcakes look so yummy-- perfect fall treat :)

Let me know the verdict on the phone case-- I have a new phone arriving on Monday, and I need to get serious about getting a case for it!