Friday, October 22, 2010

wedding details: hair accessories

it's been a while (like, over a month) since i posted any more details about the wedding. seeing as we just past the two month marker, i thought it would be appropriate to post some more wedding fun.

originally i did not want to wear a veil for the wedding. you know, wanted to be a rebel, wanted to be "different," but my mum made my sister's veil as well as a few other friends', so she wanted to make mine as well. after trying on several dresses and testing out veils, i was happy about wearing one. my sister, mom and i all seemed to be drawn to one in-particular. this veil was about waist-length and had crystals lining almost the entire thing. then we checked the price - $29.50. seriously. veils like this usually are at LEAST over $150.00. this veil had been damaged - the crystals were falling off, and not until a few days before the wedding did we even notice it had some holes in the center. we didn't even care. i bought the veil and my mum bought more crystals and spent over 4 hours fixing it. it cost less than if she were to have made it herself from scratch, though i'm sure it took longer than she originally anticipated. i only wore the veil for the ceremony and pictures after, so i was totally ecstatic about paying that price.

i wanted to swap out the veil for some sort of flowery or feathery fun for the reception, just like many brides these days. i couldn't find anything i really liked and then my mum decided she could probably make one of these on her own. so, with a combination of satin, lace, chiffon and toulle (not to mention a super sparkly broken antique earring), she created my flower.

it meant so much to me to have these personal touches on my wedding day. my mum is so wonderful and talented in so many ways. she did so much for the wedding and put so much time into our special day. my mum is truly an amazing woman!!

here are some fun veil and flower pics (i grabbed some from my photographer Danielle Hartland's proof site, so they've still got her watermarks on them. i'll have to update when i have higher resolution pics):

Thursday, October 21, 2010


oh. my. gosh. 

these are perfect for me. i'm always reusing my tiny not-exactly-reusable sandwich bags!! i would love the orange polka-dot or the skull and crossbones bag! made of washable cotton and nylon, flap is secured with Velcro. who wouldn't love eating their lunch out of one of these cute pouches?

from edenhome

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

mr & mrs muse

these are SO CUTE! i think josh and i totally need them. not only are they fun and funky in every way, the product name "mr & mrs muse" just makes me happy.

salt + pepper

i would also like to point out i love everything else on this site. also, you can post your adler designed home/room or check out the homes of other adler fans! this is one of my favorites:

 please note the Saarinen Tulip chair and Breuer Wassily Chair
just another reason why i love this picture: KNOLL!

Monday, October 18, 2010

design inspiration source

i can't remember how i got to this website (although it was only a few days ago that i found it). it was either a twitter post, or some real simple link. anyway...


houzz is a great resource for home owners and design professionals looking for inspiration or to showcase their work. i like how you can browse by style, by room and even by city. awesome website to keep all your design ideas and inspirations in one place!

Friday, October 15, 2010

fun finds for small spaces

life is fairly busy and kinda boring right now. we're finishing up some big projects at work and just waiting for some new ones to pop up and i've had a busy week with volleyball tuesday nights, yep! happy hour at the Brewerie last night with some friends and an open house for Behrend tonight (invited by former roomie KC). i'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend with josh; he's also been busy with jury duty this week (today SHOULD be his last day...) so it's been an extra-long week for him.

here are two fun finds for small spaces:

Stackable Oven-to-Table Cookware by Designer Christian Bjørn.
These are pretty neat because they can stack in the OVEN as well; the scalloped cut-outs allow air to circulate and heat food evenly. Pretty neat.

love this. i'm always looking for a new and better place to hang my keys, purse and put the mail in our "tiny" townhouse. unfortunately weren't not "technically" supposed to attach anything to the walls, so i probably couldn't use this anyway. maybe some day! 
they also have some pretty freaky "on the wall" hands...

would you put this in your house?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

halloween decorations

i love getting Real Simple tips and recipe emails in my inbox (though i get them like 10x a day and it does get a little overwhelming at times).

this is my fav from my latest email - "9 Halloween Decorations for Under $35." i wonder if Josh would let me have this since it wouldn't be "in the house" exactly...

halloween doormat
$16.99 at HSN
unfortunately sold out :(