Monday, March 31, 2008


here are some of my lovely birthday prezzies!

also, this is how we celebrated saturday night:

The Labyrinth

i have this movie, but unfortunately, i also have acute labyrinthitis. not quite as good.
[and if you haven't ever seen this movie, you should, however - be warned - it is freakishly weird].

Friday, March 28, 2008

another post!

i know, it's so soon! but i was looking at this site again [which i plan on posting some of my fav comics from at a later date] and i found this sketch, and thought it was totes cute. it describes kt and i. oh and look...

it comes in mug form!

also, rachel just said this to me:
"sometimes i just feel like wearing glitter on my eyes. like now"
and i just thought it was funny.
edit: my dad just said THIS:
"flip get home and have a kip"


well, for the most part! the cupcakes turned out fairly well! my frosting wasn't quite the consistancy i would have liked it to be, but it all worked out ok. in the words of my mother: "Amy, this frosting is awesome*." Rachel helped me in making some vanilla frosting [designated by sprinkles] for those who may not have enjoyed the cream cheese frosting.

[*awesome is her word to use for EVERYTHING...hahha]

[oh, and probably...tomorrow or sunday i'll post pics of gifts i received!!]

Thursday, March 27, 2008


i thought it might be fun to do a "24-something" post as it is my 24th birthday!

today's post will be: 24 things i've done/accomplished in my 24 years of life [be warned, some may be pretty stupid]

  1. had surgery
  2. got a degree
  3. told someone i loved them
  4. got [two] tattoos
  5. got [several] piercings
  6. laughed so hard i cried
  7. cried so hard i threw up
  8. stayed up all night
  9. drove to another state [and through several others]
  10. flew to another country
  11. been overwhelmed by absolute happiness
  12. lost a loved one
  13. paid my taxes [and got a refund]
  14. got a "real" job
  15. sang in front of 300 people [maybe more, not sure]
  16. been in a "recording" studio, and on a CD
  17. loved till it hurt
  18. toured a castle / large mansion [and wished i lived there]
  19. lead a small group [several]
  20. splashed around in the [welsh] sea
  21. been on a boat [not sailing though, that is on the list of things to accomplish!]
  22. coached a sport / taught a class
  23. been the best friend i could be
  24. been thankful & loved Jesus every day

maybe next week i'll do a follow up "24 things i plan to accomplish by next year [that may be too ambitious]" or "in the future"...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

birthday celebrations!

today is day 2 of my 5-day long birthday celebration. heck yes, it's 5 days long.
it started yesterday with lunch with one of my best friends, Bethany, and her mother. it continued to later that evening with dinner at TGI Friday's with my Youth Group Small Group girls. i love them. they tried to be sneaky and tell the waitress it was my birthday without me knowing...of course, yeah, that didn't work. today continues with going back to Bethany's after work for some hang out time, then dinner with my favorite iNSPiRAL bass player, Josh. tomorrow is my actual birthday, which will consist of lunch w/ dad [i think] and dinner with the 'rents & sissy [and me making lemon cream cheese cupcakes - see post below]. Friday has no plans as of yet, but i'll be celebrating in my head still...then Saturday...who knows!

anyway...i'm excited! :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

baking & things

i think i'm going to make these sometime this week:

Mmm...lemon cream cheese cupcakes....I've been dying to make these since I saw the recipe in my mum's Kraft recipe magazine last week. I don't see how a combination like this could be anything less than amazing.

Recipe found here.

I will of course post pics of my success [the cupcakes, and them being enjoyed].

Friday, March 21, 2008


hey folks, if you don't have any plans for Easter, come check out one of our three Easter services available. check Grace Church's website here for more info.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

centerpiece idea

when i get married (which who knows when that will be), i want to use this idea for centerpieces. first off, i love candles, second off, i love lilies. these are just martini glasses filled with water with a tea light and lily! so simple and so pretty! pictures were taken at ERIE BANK's open house in Erie.

to do list

i think this might be my job list to complete for the day...i'm not sure. it wasn't on my desk, but it wouldn't fit on my desk anyway.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


well i've been jumping around a few blogs for a while, and i've decided to try to just keep track of one blog here...seeing as i have a hard enough time just posting to one blog, let alone two.

i can't promise to have extremely interesting things to say, but hopefully i'll have an enjoyable post every once and a while!

this weekend is easter which means a 4-day week (hooray!). Friday promises to be a fun and relaxing day, i'm singing at all three services this weekend, driving to Cleveland to take some friends to the airport Saturday morning, Easter fun with the family on Sunday, and Monday taking a half-day and going to see MAE in concert in Slippery Rock with some friends. Should be a fun weekend!!

we celebrated St. Patrick's Day this past weekend with some Irish foods - Reuben dip, Irish Creme & Coffee, and Irish Creme brownies (which i still have 1/2 of because they were too difficult to cut and eat). yesterday was some more celebrating with more dressing in green and hanging out with friends.

hopefully i'll have some more exciting things to talk about soon!