Friday, September 26, 2008

i made this with sissy a few weeks ago at band practice. i was inspired by that facebook "family" application.

tonight i'm going to pittsburgh and staying with kt. tomorrow kt and i are meeting nikkie @ ikea and buying LOTS OF STUFF! still don't know if it's going to all fit in my car...we'll see!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

finds & purchases

last night's awesome deals:

[value city furniture & jc penny]

this morning's awesome find:

lucy, our 4-year old princess, sat inside making growling moaning noises while the two ate outside. dad says he saw an adult cat run across the street. they were healthy looking, clean, full-bellied, so we think that could have been the mother. the cats were no where to be found when i left for work, however. they might have been hiding in the ferns. i hope that it WAS the mother, that she comes back for them, and they go elsewhere...these are the 4th and 5th cats that have been found outside our house in 5 years. it's crazy. we can't take any more cats in...maybe gramma misses having 8 kittens and wants 2 more so she can have 4 again?? :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

can haz office swag?


check it out:

[image from gretch-a-sketch blog]

found thanks to jenn via twitter :)


oh and i received an email today saying my laptop is shipping BACK to me, fixed, at no cost. i was told they "replaced the motherboard". too bad i dont really know what that means.

but YAY! i should have it back tomorrow!!!!!!!!

sept 25 is going to be one awesome effin day.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

another cooking post

last night's dinner:

pork chops with apples in white wine sauce
cheesy vegetable casserole [carrots, broccoli & cauliflower w/ sauce and cracker/pretzel crust]

Monday, September 22, 2008

big steps!

kc and are have 12 days [counting today] until we get the keys to our new apartment. saturday we shifted into high gear in getting a bunch of stuff. first stop was the furniture - we needed that before we could get stand or bookcases...

we ended up agreeing on a couch & loveseat, and agreeing that i would buy these pieces, and kc would buy the dining room set and other living room needs.

on sunday, i traveled back to john v with my mum and purchased...

this couch and loveseat.

we are not huge fans of that green-tan-red accent chair and pillows, so we purchased some teal-bluish pillows that look great with it. after i signed my life away [not really] to john v, mum and i walked past the furniture again and saw the weirdest thing. on the couch was this pillow that matched PERFECTLY with the new colors kc & i are trying to go with. i mean, it had the tan of the couch, the blue of the new blue pillows we bought and a GREEN the color of these lampshades we want from target! it was seriously weird. i might go back and get that pillow, even though it was $24.00.

oh, and i want this rug too. perfect colors, again.

im so excited! i want to take a trip to ikea this weekend. if i don't do it this weekend, it's not going to happen before we move :(

also purchased this weekend:
  • new mattress cover [mine's nasty]
  • new red sheets [mine are old. plus these were Egyptian cotton 1/2 off for $35!!!]
  • shower tension-rod pole thing with metal shelvies
  • 2 blue pillows
kc's purchases:
  • trash can
  • butter tray thingie
and i guess i dont remember what else....eeek so excited!

Friday, September 19, 2008

lack of...

i apologize for my lack of reading, commenting and blogging of my own. things have been crazy is the ushe.

  • i've had 3-4 volleyball games or practices a week. this requires leaving early from work very often, meaning no time at work to blog.
  • lappy is broken. hopefully i'll be sending her back today. this is why i haven't blogged at home.
  • work is crazy. we're busy. it's good, but stressful. especially when i have to leave early.
  • the shirts i bought the girls last week were "rejected" by the school. they told me they need to be approved to be worn as jerseys at games, and that they pretty much wouldn't be approved at all. so, they got to wear them for the tourny and a game, but that's about it. they can wear them to warm up in and to travel in, so that's good at least. i understand their rules...sort of...but i also think it's stupid.
  • the volleyball team is doing pretty well. JV is having a rough time, but the varsity girls are really impressing me this year. too bad 7 out 0f 9 of the varsity girls will be gone next year.
  • i'm SO EXCITED ABOUT FALL. seriously. i love it. when the leaves start to change i'm going to make josh go with my on my annual fall picture-taking walk. my plan is to go to wintergreen gorge by my house. it's very pretty there. but seriously, there is something about fall that really...just...effects me. i have an idea of what it could be.
  • i have two potential halloween parties to go to this year. i'm excited.
  • um, KC and i move in to our apartment in TWO WEEKS! i can't believe it. we are going to try to get our furniture and other things tomorrow! ahhhhh excited!!!!!!!
  • one week until the office season premiere!!! holy mother, i am SO EXCITED. i had a dream last night that jim proposed to pam in the premiere. i am going to make my cuz cuz bekah come over and watch episodes with me and bring her office dvd game :)

a few fall pics to get you in the mood :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

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Great Day!!

Volleyball shirts came in!! Won all our (four) games (against two schools)!! Car insurance went down $240/year!!!!!! Day off tomorrow!! Found this blogging app for iPhone!

Boo lappy not working :(. Probably going to have to send her in to get fixed :(

That's all. Time for bed!!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


not really. lappy broke last night. don't know what's going on, but she won't start up. i turn her off and back on and hear noises but nothing comes on the screen. i was able to get the "start in safe mode" but that didn't work either.

ugh...what the heeeeeeeeeeeck

however, good news is i have a 1/2 day tomorrow and friday off because of a volleyball tournament. i'm actually really excited about this: A) because i ordered new shirts for the girls on Saturday B) because it's my girls who have been playing with me for 4 years so they're pretty good and i expect great things from them C) because i get to take 1 1/2 days off yay!!

that's all.

Friday, September 5, 2008

if you're in Erie tomorrow...

you should probably come to docksider's to check out iNSPiRAL!!!
and if you aren't in erie [like, going to see some football game or something] you should come back in time for the show! ;) [that is if you aren't too tired and can make it]

and if you're in erie tonight...


[i hear piper having doggie dreams in the room next to mine...awe cute :)]

Thursday, September 4, 2008


there are less than 30 days until kc and i get the keys to our new apartment!! we still have lots to do [figure out who's going to help us move, do a coin toss for the larger room, pack, get other misc. things]...

yesterday we met at Value City Furniture to take a look at a few things. here's what we liked:

Monterey Sofa & Loveseat Package [but we want the sofa, oversized chair & ottoman]

Tulum Canvas 5-Piece Dinette

we both really liked both of these. on another note, i also found these cool things at See Jane Work.

totes cute sticky notes

glove compartment sized "receipt catcher"
i am really trying hard to do this "budget" thing. my first goal is to get a handle on how much money i spend on eating out and...not spend as much as i have been. i'm going on a weekly budget for this, and this is my first week doing so...and i'm doing alright so far! [thanks to kc for buying me dinner last night as part of her paying me back for the new orleans hotel!]

Monday, September 1, 2008

holiday weekends rock.

i'm bummed it's the last day of the holiday weekend, but glad i have the day off. i didn't do a whole lot of anything interesting this weekend, but it was still a good time.

  • watched What Happens in Vegas with rach on Friday night. it was funny. lots of screaming. we also had dinner and worked on our lappy's all night
  • saturday i was up at 530 for a volleyball tournament in Portersville, PA [i coach]. my girls got 3rd place! ...out of 4 teams. still, it was their second time playing together this year and i think they did surprisingly well. i could tell some of the girls improved in just that day.
  • saturday night we got to experience a new iNSPiRAL song! how exciting. it sounds awesome, so i can't wait till they start playing it at shows!
  • sunday was church, lunch with mum, dad & rach, then shopping FOR OVER FOUR HOURS with mum and rach. the point was to shop with mum, for her, with her bday money she got last week. yeah, i bought the most out of everyone. i got new sheets [yay! but the fitted sheet doesnt FIT RIGHT!] and some awesome $5.99 shirts from my fav place - New York & Company.
  • after i got home, i slept from 530pm to about 1030pm. then i was up for about 2 1/2 hours, then back to bed [which explains why i'm up at 8 on my day off]
  • today i know Josh & i are hanging out, not sure if there are any "family labor day plans" involved, but hopefully more of The Office [season 4 comes out TOMORROW! and we are going to watch 1 - 4 before the season premiere of season 5 - Sept 25!!!!!!!!!!!!].

hope everyone else has/had a fun labor day weekend! any plans for the holiday???