Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the daily green

several months ago i stumbled across the website "the daily green." [i believe i was led there through Real Simple, probably an article on easy ways to go green, unless it was from Domino or long enough ago to be from Blueprint]. anyway, i was excited to see that some of Knoll's products were featured in their "green homes" section on "green office furniture." [they are numbers 15 - 19].

Monday, December 29, 2008

cruise post...FAIL.

whoops. i have no idea when i'm going to post ANYTHING about the cruise.

i will post a little about christmas.

our christmas eve services at church seemed to be a success [other than my singing "light and LIME to all he brings" instead of "late in time behold him come". whoops. oh well.

christmas day was mostly a success...though i believe it was quite a shambles. i woke up on time and arrived at my parents an hour later than i'd hoped. my veggie casserole "sauce" was too thick, amount of veggies was too much, carrots undercooked, then everything overcooked. we planned for 14 people in our small room and packed them in two tables, but only ate with 10 people since 4 got stuck in traffic [or something of that nature] and ate 1/2 hour after the first batch did. we had our "christmas crackers" as usual - but they failed to have HATS and JOKES [just had stupid toys]. we did have a great day and though i didn't ask for much specifically when it came to gifts, i still got a BUNCH of awesome things [cause my fam just knows me so well!].

boxing day was also fun, with the annual trip to the Holmes' where we had lots of cold meat and rolls [and desserts]. personally, i could have done with some potatoes or veggies...buuuut all in all, another good day, ended by our annual Neighborhood party at kt's parents house. also, lots of fun.

anyway, here's a few pics of the holiday, courtsey of rach [and some taken by myself as well].

[christmas eve]

[christmas morning]

[i got a few...weird...gifts...]

[christmas with the cousins...and mum]

hope your holidays were great and new years is even better!

Monday, December 22, 2008

back to reality

yeah, it totes sucks going from 80 some degrees and sunny...in the middle of the ocean...to wind chill makes it feel like - something degrees...all within a freakin week. it's hard to believe that last week at this time...we were coming back from snorkeling in cozumel...or we were eating authentic mexican [though i didnt enjoy it as much as el canelo] at Carlos and Charlie's.

anyway, i have 1400 pictures to post...juuuuust kidding. no really, i have that many pics, but just kidding i'm not posting them all. i might try to post events of one day, each day...starting maybe over the holiday. we'll see how that works.

anyway, here's a few to make myself [and maybe yourself] sick when i [you] look out into the snow...

Friday night in New Orleans [day before the boat left]

Saturday morning in New Orleans

Saturday night on the boat before the life boat instructional thing

Sunday morning - still a little chilly - but enough sunshine to make us happy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

countdown ENDS

well, this is it. last day of work before our "SKANK" [Staci, Kristen, Amy, Nikkie, Katie] cruise!!! i can't believe it. we are all soooo excited. i don't see how i'm going to be able to focus today.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


kt requested that i go to this site and check out the fun giveaways and awesome products! there's even more fun stuff at kltworks.com. i love the illustrations/prints.

giveaways are fun! i want to host my own...like i've said before...but i don't know what to giveaway...everything that was suggested last time was out of the question. [motorcycles? or something like that...come on people.]


kristen and i decorated our tree Monday night. it looks so great! it's so bright, we don't need any other lights on in the house...hahah.

friday we are decorating here at work...so we are planning on decorations, lunchie and hot chocolate for the middle part of the day. i'm excited. it will be funnnn!

tomorrow my sister is coming to the office to get pictures of the staff for the website...yay! photo shoooooot.

we are counting down the days till the cruise. i have so much to do this weekend it's ridiculous. laundry, shopping, singing, decorating, packing...eeeek! i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

thanksgiving and things

for thanksgiving i made pumpkin cupcakes with browned-butter cream cheese frosting. both of these recipes were thanks to Robin Sue @ big red kitchen. the cupcakes i made with the 2-ingredient pumpkin cake recipe [which, i must say...i botched first because i didn't READ right, and made the actual cake - adding the eggs, oil and water - and then the can of pumpkin. yeah, that was a disaster. i had to go back out to the store and get more pumpkin :( ]. the frosting, however, was amazing and turned out great! well, the cupcakes did too, after i made them the second time...

kristen made lemon squares...

pumpkin cupcakes w/ browned-butter cream cheese frosting. topped w/ cinnamon sugar.

i love thanksgiving dinner!

me and my cousin, rebekah. i can't believe she's almost 18 and graduating this year!!!

yesterday kc and i decorated our christmas tree. you can check her blog out for pictures, but i'll post some tomorrow i'm sure.