Friday, January 30, 2009


i'm SUPER excited about the superbowl. why? because the office has a 1-hour episode on AFTER it!!!!!!!!

i just watched this video and laughed SO HARD. i love the office!!!

kc wants to make chicken tortilla soup on Sunday. i need to do some laundry!! tomorrow i'm meeting my cousin and her friend for lunch and then going to hibachi w/ josh and his brother & sister-in-law! can't wait for this weekend!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Saturday the girls [SKANK's + Jen (maid of honor)] went with Nikkie to look for wedding dresses. we tried on a few dresses that we liked for bridesmaids...buuut i don't think we found anything we were really set on. Nikkie narrowed her choices down to two favorites from that day, both amazingly beautiful and look even better on her.

yesterday night Josh surprised me with flowers. he was going to surprise me with coming over, but since i told him i might be asleep by 930 he had to warn me ahead of time he was coming. the pictures suck because they were from my phone this morning since my camera has been at work all week. anyway, he's so sweet :)

this morning i read about the Obama's hiring an unlicensed designer to design their private quarters at the white house. the article i read is here at Hoechstetter Interiors and i found it through ProsperbyDesign's twitter. i find it very interesting...granted, i'm not a licensed designer, but i do have a degree in interior design. if the white house is allowed to use a non-licensed designer in a "state" that requires licensing...wouldn't this cause uproar in all those other states that require it? however, according to this article, it says the white house isn't technically on "district" land, so licensure isn't actually required...but it's interesting anyway.

Monday, January 19, 2009

i suck at titles

friday my new workstation got installed!

[exuse the poor quality. this is how my station was 2005. note the horribly old computer...i worked like this for several years, except that giant plotter on the right that is cut off wasn't there.]

it's taking a little getting used to so far...but it's so different and so much more room [and so much nicer!] than before...i can't really focus...that's my main problem i think!

saturday kc and i traveled down to Pittsburgh to meet kt & nikkie to go shopping saturday night and a bridal expo on sunday.

here we are at the fashion show before it started...

nikkie got selected for a free "makeover" - makeup, hair and put in a wedding dress then walk down the runway!! she looked amazzzzing and we loved the dress!! we missed our S though!!!

we're expecting a slow day here at work...
i told kristen we were going to go to the gym at least once this week...
this is the first NON-busy week i've i don't know how long. i'm looking forward to it...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

crazy thursday

today is my amazing father's birthday. he is such an amazing, funny, silly, creative, caring father. i couldn't ask for a better one! he's also my best mate :)

[christmas 2008]

[accompanying me on guitar for Staci & Shane's wedding, August 2007]

[here we are in Buxton about 3 years ago]

we're celebrating at LELC [lake erie lunch club - we go out to eat every thursday - my dad, my uncle [his boss] and me! and whoever else joins...] and dinner tonight.

also, today i'm unpacking all the crap from my work station, to get my NEW ONE put up tomorrow morning!! eek! very's going to be weird though...

anddddd NEW OFFICE TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! very excited.

tomorrow: kristen's mum's show & hanging out with josh
saturday/sunday: lounging around then [weather permitting] kc & i driving down to Pittsburgh to see kt & nikkie and go to a bridal expo! [missing stace though :(]

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

another expo

saturday i visited Rach at the bridal expo in erie. she had a booth set up for her awesome wedding photography.

today the items i purchased from See Jane Work came in! a password book and some birdie "good on paper" stickie notes. [good on paper design utilizes recycled paper, earth friendly inks, and organic cotton whenever possible.]

i might have to give one of these sticky pads to my friend and fellow blogger kt...
the password book is actually a LOT smaller than i imagined. it's actually only 3 1/2" x 6". so cute though!

quick thing

i'm in the search for a new CD player for my car. this made me chuckle...

Friday, January 9, 2009


seriously. this week has been rough. i actually woke up fairly rested today...probably because it's friday and i was ok with starting the day.

my boots [i wrote about in my previous post] are en route to ERIE! woot. maybe i'll get them monday, if the snow doesn't stop them.

and yes, we have some emergency state of something crazy weather warning today until MONDAY. blah. and the best part is - my awesome snow brush josh bought me was stolen w/ my CD player [front of cd player] so i've got a piece of crap to get the 8' of snow off my car. gotta get a new one today, and it's payday! thats good...

ok, that's all, quick update. bye!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

things i'm looking forward 2009

[i'm going to try to do this in some sort of order...]
  1. i just bought these shoes online. i'm very excited! free shipping and shipping if it needs to be returned! []

  2. getting new office furniture
  3. finishing "decorating" our apartment
  4. celebrating Josh & I's 1-year anniversary in February :)

    picture taken by puremotif

  5. turning 25 this year with my other SKANK's!
  6. visiting my BFF Alicia in Florida for my birthday [after it actually, in April]. we've known each other since we were 2! she's been living in Florida for almost 4 years now [i think] and i've not been down to visit her yet.

  7. bridal showers & more SKANK trips
  8. kt's wedding!!!! [July]
  9. possibly going to England with my parents...
  10. nikkie's wedding!!! [September]

well, that's enough for now i'd say. i'm sure more things to look forward to will present themselves throughout the year!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

must see.

the best part is at the end, so, try to make it that far...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

one of my favorite bands

one of my favorite bands, mae, is making their new album all-charity. the first of every month they have a song available for download with a minimum donation of $1.00. all the profits from digital downloads will go towards funding humanitarian projects they will be a part of all year long. you can check their website to see what their doing.

so far "the house that fire built" [the first downloadable song] is awesome. i haven't listened to mae much recently...this new song is refreshing.

before you say that a part of you has died
remember that the fire is on the inside
all you need is to open it up wide
time for action, chain reaction (it's time)