Tuesday, October 28, 2008

last week of october!

ugh, i can't even believe it.

i had the WEIRDEST dream last night. it ended with my roomie, kc, waking me up at 710 because i had turned my alarm off. hahahha.

thanks to big red kitchen's link to i heart cuppycakes, i have decided i want to try the "candy corn" cupcakes for this weekend. i want to do the mini cuppies, but i'm not sure how that will work out...i also want to add small chunks of candy corn and do some with chocolate frosting. and i won't be taking the wrappings off...probably...not...

[image from iheartcuppycakes]

yay i'm excited :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

weekend in pittsburgh...

can't say too much, or post too many pics...but here's a recap of my weekend:
  • left work early Friday to go see Josh then pack up
  • goal was to leave at 4...left at 450
  • decided to stop at Chipotle for dinner. got to Ikea at about 730
  • ran through the 2nd floor of Ikea, got downstairs to buy things a little after 8. we had about 45 min.
  • bought lots of things - most not for myself
  • got lost on the way to Katie's from Ikea. i blame it not on my iPhone GPS - cause it was telling us the right place to go - but um...on us not paying attention. we found our way to oakland, university of pitt and fireworks...and across the bridge on the wrong side...
  • got to kt's, had some wine, cuppies and family guy
  • up earlish the next day, breakfast at DOZEN, then first wedding dress stop where kt found 2 dresses that were worthy of "price tag pics"
  • went to next place and found several dresses...but i think only one was a price tag pick
  • next place sucked. no price tag pics. no help really either.
  • then back to dozen to get nikkie's car, then over to pick up mikey j from work, then dinner at some pub place for like 2 1/2 hours.
  • back to kt's for penn state game and photo shoot w/ mikey J and the girls.
  • sunday up at like 1030...packed, pancake breakfast at A, then back to erie.
here are a few pics!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Historic Zuckville Place

last year my boss purchased the property that our office is located on. we are in the back half of a renovated barn, another business is in part of the other half [a custom millwork/cabinetry shop]. the purchase also included a garage and large house in the front. the land was owned by the Zucks who raised turkeys here. my boss has been in the process of renovating some rooms in the back of the house up front for their friend's business [advertising group]. the business moved in Wednesday night, so i got some shots of the place before their crap came in :).

also, less than 50 days till our CRUISE! and tonight, kc and i are heading down to ikea to exchange a bookcase and get some more things, then going to kt's and it's WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING tomorrow with the SKANK's!!!!!!!!!!! so excited :)

oh, and we got new windows put in the apt. yesterday and we are getting an exterminator for the buggies and getting the latch on our front door fixed [gets stuck...kc came home yesterday and it wasn't latched at all, so it just pushed open. who knows how many hours our door could have possible swung right open.]

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

where do they come from?

this morning i was in my room doing my business was kc yelled "Oh my God!" i ran to the top of the stairs and yelled, "what!" thinking she was watching Good Morning America and someone was bombed or something crazy happened. She responds with "there's a millipede!" so i run down the stairs thinking "great, what am i going to do about this!? i hope it isn't on the floor." so i said, where is it and she responded that it was in the sink - which made me happy - woohoo! just flush it down the drain. so luckily it was on the side with the garbage disposal, so i grabbed the sprayer, and shot that "house centipede" down the drain, then ran the disposal...then ran it a few more times for good measure.

ughghgh i hope that's the last of them...

the more i look at this picture, the less it scares me. maybe that is a good thing. granted when i googled this i almost threw up and when i clicked on this image it blew it up to like, full screen size [i have a big screen].

oh and my point was to find out where they come from or why they come in the house...
"The greatest likelihood of encountering them is in spring, when they come out because the weather gets warmer, and in fall, when the cooling weather forces them to find shelter in human habitats." [via wikipedia :)] "Because they eat household pests, house centipedes are considered among the most beneficial creatures that inhabit human dwellings." um....GROSS. "Techniques for eliminating centipedes from the home include drying up the areas where they thrive, eliminating large indoor insect populations, sealing cracks in the walls, getting a domestic cat..." see kc? benefits of kitties. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

cupcake ahead!

that's right, folks - in the upcoming weeks i'll have TWO cupcake events. actually, probably three. i have no idea what i'm doing for them yet - but the majority will be halloweenie-fall type cuppies.

my last volleyball "game" of the season is next Tuesday [we have a tournament next Thurs-Sat]. it's an away game, and to honor the occasion i'm going to make some cupcakes for my girls. not sure what i'm going to make though. nothing TOO fancy.

friday and saturday of next week i have two halloween parties. i finally have a costume idea i'm excited about [not telling]. but again, cuppies will be made for possibly each of these occasions.

and, i'll leave you with some fall shots i took on the way to my parents house yesterday and some pics i took at my friend Kat's house on Saturday.

oh i almost forgot the best thing - this morning we noticed the car/suv parked next to mine had it's back window smashed in. pretty awesome.

Monday, October 20, 2008


medium box tote

sometimes i think i need to be reminded i don't need every cute thing i see...
but i still want it!!

i love see jane work.

Friday, October 17, 2008


first, yay friday.


check out what came in today!!!!!!!!!

[my favorite - the magnets!!!]

thanks, gretchen!
[i've been checking the mail religiously this week for this :)]

winning things such as this make me want to host my own blog-give-away. however, i have no idea what i would be giving away. i mean, my blog is mostly about cupcakes, design, fun stationary and random things about my life. what would be a good themed thing to give away? i can't give away cupcakes...unless the winner is from erie [ok, i literally wrote "winnder" 8 times. like, seriously. 8]. what is something you wouldn't mind winning?

wait, let me clarify:
what is something that someone like me could purchase and give away that you wouldn't mind winning?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

kitty update!

yesterday i visited my gramma and papa [it's been quite a while since i've seen them!] and got to see their three beautiful baby girls growing up!

little brookie


go with the flo girl

bekah and brooke

due to some unforeseen circumstances, flo was returned home to be with her sisters after a month vacation. the three of them are crazy and getting along like they were never separated! brooke looks SO similar to their mommy, Miss Mew, it's crazy. all the kitties are healthy and happy...they are getting so big!

yesterday i tried sending a picture from my boss's phone to my phone at about 11am during our meeting. iPhones can't "technically" receive picture messages [they can't at all send them], but you get a text message sending you to a website with a user id and weird password [like "vet8lazy"] where you can see the image. nothing happened on my phone, so i sent the picture again after about 10 minutes of waiting.
well, at 4am this morning i received two text messages from my boss with the picture link in it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

almost complete!

ok, i don't think that's...true.
i was going to say our Living Room is almost completed - but we still have an ottoman and bookcase to order / assemble. along with artwork, pictures and making the stupid freaking wireless internet work! ugh, i have no idea what the issue is there. i think there's a problem with my router :(

anyway, yesterday i received the final pieces for our "window treatments" - some teal-ish sheers to go behind the brown tab-top curtains we put up on Sunday with mum & dad's help. so, we finished that up! today i'm going to VCF to pick up the pieces for the chairs [hopefully they give us the right ones this time] and pick out an ottoman! i came prepared with our patchwork pillow and multicolored throw...but didn't bring any of the pillows that actually MATCH the couch. ugh. oh well. :)

oh, also yesterday i was a stupid idiot and drank through a straw. i also chewed so much on the left side of my mouth that my stitches came out. however, i didn't even notice they came out...and it didn't even matter. looks like they are ready to fall out, and i REALLY hope that means i've healed quick and the straw ordeal doesn't matter either :(. ugh.

oh and here's some pics from my favorite season. haven't really been able to get any good ones yet...i'm hoping to this weekend.

Monday, October 13, 2008

back to work

i'd say i'm recovering pretty well since the extraction on Friday. after returning home i had to sit on the phone with the verizon guy for like 45 minutes trying to work out our stupid internet [at my parents house]. seems to be working ok now. other than that, i laid around and napped most of the day.

saturday morning dad made pancakes for breakfast, i laid around a little then packed up my stuff and went back to the townhouse. i had a bunch of stuff to unpack there, showering to do and more napping. kc and i [oops - i mean, just kc] made lasagna for dinner - it was awesome [thanks to my mum's recipe :)]. my cousin, aunt and sister came over to visit after a 2+ hour photo shoot for my cousin's senior pictures. oh, i must say, they look AWESOME so far. can't wait to see them.

didn't do anything else this weekend but watch some office dvd's [with josh on saturday], more sex & the city [i think it was kc's goal to start and finish the 6 seasons in one week before the cable came], sleep and eat pudding. oh, and kc made pancakes for dinner last night! [if it doesn't involve raw meat, she'll cook it].

i have four volleyball games this week...so close to being done...looking forward to a not-to-crazy weekend though...yikes it's only monday and i'm looking forward to the weekend!

and looking forward to staci coming back to erie!!!!!!!!

oh, and thanks to my lovely parents for taking care of me Friday :) :) and helping put up curtains and a clock yesterday. hahaha!

Friday, October 10, 2008


[me after lunch, on the webcam.
i wasn't unhappy at this point, but i was about to enjoy my pudding,
so...i mean, i should have been really excited]

well the 2 wisdom teeth that i have are now gone. i was at the doctors at 830 [taken by both my wonderful mum and first-mate dad], in the operating room passing out by 845 and waking up and almost ready to go by 915. i was told it was one of the quickest some of those nurses have seen. and they "didn't have to use any drills"! that's comforting. :)

i've been sitting on my couch at my parents house all day...dozing on and off or chatting on IM or Gmail with some of my favorite girls. as i've been laying here, 15' away and outside my door we had a deck going up. amazingly enough, they didn't seem loud at all and i didn't really notice them at all. the deck looks freaking awesome. the railing from our previous stairs was busted [we had concrete ones, they were the width of the door - very inconvenient when bringing large items inside because there was nowhere to set the items when opening the door]. now we have a deck about 6'x15' on the side of our house. it looks great!!! too bad they do it the weekend after i move out. i also helped my parents in buying new windows for my room - because mine are BAD - and they don't do those until next week. so i didn't even get to enjoy them! oh well. i just keep thinking how these things are going to help them when the have to eventually sell there house [if they ever do].

anyway here's some shots of the deck....

here's a shot of the flowers i just got from my bosses & co-worker [literally JUST GOT]. they are so thoughtful!

i dont have my good camera at my parents house, my mum has my tiny good camera but no connectors to get it on the computer...so we're stuck with webcam pics and iphone pics for today! have a great weekend everyone!