Wednesday, November 26, 2008

mock up!

one of our clients required us to provide a mock-up of our product - to show it's awesome features and things it can do. they requested three other mock-ups and will compare them all.

the exciting part is that when they are done with the mock-up...we get to take it back...and it will become my new workstation!!! and, because we knew this would happen...i was able to pick out all the colors! nothing fancy, but!

the one i've been sitting at these past four years is great [however, it is like over 10 years old and was bought used]. this new one isn't much different in layout, but colors it is! anyway, here's some pics...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


today i called a customer to schedule an appointment, and i had to make the call to their house. the husband answered and i said, "Is Lucy* there?" "No," the husband replied, "well...i mean, she is...she's here...but she's not available." i gave him my name and reason for calling and asked if he would like me to schedule the time with him or wait to talk to her. he replied, "no, i'd rather you schedule the time with her. she'll be out of the bathtub shortly."

*names changed to protect the customer

Monday, November 24, 2008

my flowers

[i didn't get to post any of these until now, due to some bad lighting and getting home late the last few anyway, these are from my sweetheart :) occasion? him being sweet.]

Sunday, November 23, 2008

they go so fast...[and a short twilight review]

the weekend is over. i saw twilight. i loved twilight. i saw twilight again. i'm still obsessed with twilight.

i am, however, trying to pace myself, in that i finished the 2nd book and don't have the 3rd or 4th yet. i don't want to be any more engrossed in this book craze than i already am. the first showing of twilight i saw on Friday with my cousin and her/our friend from church. i definitely geeked out several times and shed some tears. i adored it. sissy and i saw it again today. it was still awesome, but i think the awareness of some of the missing parts came out more with that second showing. even though we were still way too excited for it to start, listening to the soundtrack and watching Paramore song videos all through shared headphones on my iPhone while we waited 45 minutes early in the theater, some of the novelty definitely wore off the 2nd time around. its always fun to analyze a movie after the 2nd viewing, noting all the things you missed in the first, or understood different ways in the 2nd. all in all, i think i've got my fill of the movie for a while.

i'm NOT ready to go back to work tomorrow.

i received a WONDERFUL surprise Saturday night from the bf. a dozen beautiful red, orange and yellow roses and some chocolates [he knows my weaknesses too well]. he is the absolute best.

i'm very much looking forward to this three day [maybe two and a half day] week. i'm excited for the holiday...

Friday, November 21, 2008

can you say "snow"?

yeah. this morning sucked. it was SO bad at our house. i started driving, knowing i couldnt take 79 or go UP cherry street, but then i couldnt see 10 feet in front of me so i got nervous and wanted to wait it out at home for a bit, which made me turn UP cherry, causing me to get stuck, for about 15 minutes. trying to go up, reverse down and then not being able to see...getting stuck again, cars all over trying to go around crying of course cause i didn't know what to do, calling dad and freaking him out, but not letting him come to me because i didn't want him to venture up that horrible way. eventually i reversed into some woman's driveway [she thought shoveling me out would work, but that wasn't going to help, i wasn't stuck IN snow...just ON it...].

anyway, i made it down cherry and by the time i got to 38th and cherry it was like a different world out there. barely snowing, not even 1/2 as much snow every where. my boss said he got a "dusting" last night. there's at LEAST a foot on my car.

i wonder if it is still snowing up there. i wonder how i'm going to get home...

but i AM going to see TWILIGHT tonight!!! who cares about the snow, that's happening. :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


this week has been entirely too crazy. tuesday i was out all night right after work at church. our youth pastor and volunteers hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner for the boarding school students who go to the school where i coach volleyball. i knew several of these students from bus trips back and forth to the volleyball and soccer games this past fall. it was a really great idea, as it didn't seem that the boarding school was doing anything special for the kids for Thanksgiving Day. we helped cook, serve and hung out with the students [playing wii, rockband and volleyball]. i also took some pictures. i think they had a lot of fun, and hope they can come back out for the youth events on Sunday nights.

i was asked this year to be "officially" invovled in the holiday decorating at the church. last year i was pulled in last minute to put ornaments on the massive trees on the stage. i'm enjoying it so far. everyone seems to have the same idea of how we want the church to look - classy, contemporary and in no way cheesey! i'm excited to spend a couple nights & a saturday putting it all together and hanging out with the ladies [and aaron] on the team.

i was planning on a night at home today and tomorrow...but it looks like all that has been jumbled around as well. tomorrow i'm going to see TWILIGHT with my cousin right after work and Saturday kc and i [and maybe kt] are going to Edinboro to visit Stace! i got to see her at GE today, that was fun.'s still kinda snowy. rumor is we'll get 2-3 FEET this weekend. YIKES.

happy thursday everyone!

Monday, November 17, 2008


[chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow frosting inside]

[added melted unsweetened chocolate & cocoa powder to marshmallow frosting to for the top]

[used melted white chocolate and blue & green food coloring to add the polka dots]
[the baby's colors are teal & brown]

baby mckenzie

its a boy! well, courtney and dan's baby is a boy!

[last 4 pics thanks to rachers]

and i thought it totes approps to add some snowy pics...

[view from my window]

[outside the office. not. plowed. my little two-door civic wasn't happy about all this this morning. i got stuck in my spot in the parking lot at the apartment. so irritating. and i'm pretty sure my car is stuck where it's parked now.]

  • kristen and i watched two movies on tv this weekend. it sucks only because it means you commit over 3 hours of your time because of all the stupid commercials
  • i did laundry at the laundromat at our townhouses yesterday. the thing that sucked was all my clothes didnt dry in the dryer and i didn't have enough money to put them round again. plus, i didn't need the whole $1's worth of 45 min...oh well.
  • ALMOST went to hibachi on saturday. unfortunately, we didnt call ahead soon enough so we ended up at Damons. it was still a fun time with Josh's brother & sister-in-law.
  • the pics above are from a friend's surprise baby shower. yay!

Friday, November 14, 2008


cupcake pictures tonight. i have some pics but i don't care to show any yet.
i'm so glad its the weekend. i'm exhausted. plus, today is pay day...sooo, that's awesome.

oh, and co-worker bethany and i went to "Under the Clock" today for lunch. [newer restaurant in erie] it was great! such a fun atmosphere and good food at reasonable prices! i apologize for the crap-for-crap pics, i forgot my camera and only had my phone...

[chocolate avalanche cake & lemon crème cheesecake]

Thursday, November 13, 2008


a few weeks ago i ordered a custom pendant for josh from Dragon Weave Jewelry. it is a Japanese Kanji symbol for Shadow, in loving memory of josh's beloved dog. [significance of "Kanji" symbol - we both have tattoos using these symbols - mine is on my ankle, meaning "Grace" (my middle name), he has two on his arms, and no, we didn't get any of these together :)]. came in the mail yesterday! i was pretty pumped, so i told josh i kinda HAD to see him yesterday night [throwing all sorts of crazy thoughts into his mind i'm sure :)]. anyway, he somehow guessed what i had to give him was jewelry [he knows me so well!], though i of course told him it wasn't.

[photos edited by sissy]

all in all i believe he likes it, and i'm very happy with how it came out! i got a leather rope-necklace for it to go on.

yesterday rach called me as i was on my way home saying she wanted to go out to dinner. i'm always up for a spontaneous go-out-to-eat, so i heartily agreed. we decided upon Cracker Barrel [unanimously], where we ordered the same thing and said the same things all night. i also tipped the same as her. it's funny...i forget how similar my sissy and i are sometimes :)

i'm excited for the office tonight, and i'm making cupcakes later. i have to go to a few stores after's going to be a busy couple days!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

belated post

oops. it's been 2 weeks since halloween and i have yet to post about my ghosty "candy corn" cuppies! i transported them in a large tupperware container...which caused 1/2 of them [mostly the ghosts] to fall over before josh & i even got to the party i made them for...that was a little irritating, but still, everyone loved them!!

don't have time to post much cupcakes this month from the CRUISE!!! AHH!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


sunday i went with my parents to my grandparent's house for some of gramma's homemade sauce and meatballs! it, of course, was amazing and like none other. when i was younger, i wouldnt eat ANY other spaghetti sauce but her's. nothing out of a can or at a restaurant. i would eat mum's only because it was the same recipe. i'm glad to say i've branched out a little, but there's still something about gramma's sauce that i adore!

anyway, while i was there, brooke decided to sleep in cute places. first, in my coat.

then, in the laundry basket.

and yes, there was snow in erie yesterday! i had no idea it was supposed to snow, so i was pretty shocked when i looked out my bedroom window.

here's the snow on my drive to work...

here's the slushie mess known as my "walk" to work...

looking out the back door of the office. only a month ago i remember looking at this tree [on the left] in it's autumn beauty. the leaves on the tree become completely all yellow...a beautiful, rusty yellow. i meant to take a picture of it so many would be a good shot to show the sesasons i think...

annnnyway, it's tuesday, whatever. i'm ready for the weekend again...


Friday, November 7, 2008

a random bunch

i love the fall. i think this is because it is like another holiday for we have fall, thanksgiving, christmas and then new years...all times of family fun, good food, awesome outside colors and smells, giving and receiving gifts, fun decorations and just plain awesomeness. i also have started loving the cooking aspect of the holidays much more. the girls and i are throwing around the idea of doing our own "Friendsgiving" [idea from Danielle & Dave after i was invited to their own last year :)] and i'm excited to try some pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese [and some with vanilla] frosting for Thanksgiving desserts :)

i went to josh's yesterday - his grandma had started putting the tree up already...i can't believe it's already that time of year! seriously, this year has flown by...

i found this post from on my other blog, while i was looking to see what i had posted last year around this time of year. please go look. it's funny. :)

nothing too exciting planned for this weekend - which is WELCOMED. tonight i have some powerpoint to finish for church and there's META CAFE. tomorrow probably some cleaning [i'm itching to clean the bathroom and kitchen floors...yeah, it's true...and to finally get that last moving box out of my room] and visiting of friends!! sunday is church [up early] and more relaxing. the last few weeks have been ESPECIALLY i'm excited to just lounge around the house and not do much.

have great weekends everyone and happy friday!

oh! and i forgot about this! kc and i made enchiladas wednesday. here's a pic. meatballs tonight!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the day after

i may not have voted for the guy that won, but i voted for the guy i believed in. i may not be able to express my reasons well enough, but i believed them and that's what matters.

i didn't vote for obama - but it still is exciting to me that he won. i think this nation has come a long way, and i'm excited...and nervous...and see how the future will pan out. i hope and pray that this next president will lead the people as he has promised and do the things that caused so many to believe in him. i would have wished the same thing if mccain had won.

so, it's over! i'm glad for that. i can't take the pressure anymore!!! however, i am bummed i didn't get a sticker. :(

image from bsideblog