Tuesday, October 25, 2011

current obsessions: October

Hey folks! I promise to [try to] be back later this evening with a Tuesday readings post. As I discussed yesterday, I've been so busy with so many things my reading got away from me this week. And yesterday we had some students visit the office and I didn't get home till after 8, then we didn't finish dinner till after 9 and I was asleep around 10 and it just slipped my mind.

Anyway...here's what I've been loving this October...
  • Fall - cider & doughnuts with my hubby @ Fuhrman's
  • Salted caramel mochas from Starbucks
  • New nail polishes thanks to Joy the Baker!
  • New projects! I'm currently working on some design projects for a friend - living room, dining room, family room, basement and laundry room makeovers! Can't wait to share the before and afters!
  • These chocolate cupcakes. Ah-may-zing.
  • Halloween times means MONSTER CEREALS ARE BACK. Count Chocula has been a favorite of mine (and Josh's) since I was little. I don't care how old I am, it always will be!
  • Not having a cracked iPhone screen. YES!!!  
  • Boots and scarves! Actually, I haven't broken out my boots yet - they are too "snowy" - I need some nice fall short boots...I think I hear Marshall's calling me...
  • My adorable niece learning new words! She can say both "Josh" and "Amy" and she seems to LOVE saying Josh! We watched her at our townhouse the other day and she just kept pointing at him and saying his name! She also was loving watching stuff on the big TV and kept saying "Whoa!!!!" whenever anything crazy was on the screen.


What are you currently loving?


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said... Best Blogger Tips

Everyone keeps talking about those salted caramel drinks. I still haven't tried it.

I'm loving the cool breezes and the pumpkin spice cookies I made last night!

AmYaroundthecorner said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm with you, Hannah -- must try that salted caramel mocha... yummm :)

Things I'm loving: time with family, apple cider, fires in the fireplace and down comforters :) While I complain about the winters... the NE does fall really well ;)

Heather @ Simple Wives said... Best Blogger Tips

I just enjoyed a Salted Mocha yesterday and loved it!! Delicious. :)