Monday, June 21, 2010

bachelorette weekend: days 4 &5

ok. i'm sick of this last post just waiting to be posted.

here's some shots and bullet points from our last day(s) in Florida:

visiting the worlds greatest gift shop...and being severely disappointed.

Hollywood Studios!

more at Hollywood Studios

in line for possibly the back stage tour. at this point, my camera told me i had taken too many pictures (oh, you know, over 700). i started deleting the junk ones to make more room...

roomie got chosen to participate in the Indiana Jones stunt show! totes fun!

Muppets in 3D. it was good, but it was freezing in there. kind of ruined it for me.

end of the day - Magic Kingdom. my camera battery died right before we left Hollywood Studios. also, Alicia had to go to work for a bit, so we took the shuttle to Magic Kingdom. i didn't think about it, and had to carry my huge dead-battery-now-useless camera around the rest of the day. ANNOYING.

my trip - was awesome.
my friends - are awesome.
my life - is awesome.


Robin Sue said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like you are having the time of your life. The way it should be! I see your plans are coming along nicely. Enjoy every minute as it goes so quickly. God bless!