Friday, June 18, 2010

update, mostly about wedding progress...

haven't updated in a while...still have a day left to finish on my Bachelorette Weekend series of posts!!! things have been insanely busy of course, as is my normal lack-of-posting excuse. work is very busy, i am completely immersed in a HUGE hospital job (which is awesome, but stressful), plus all the other work we have going on.

tonight is my 2nd Bachelorette Party with some of the girls that couldn't make it to the Florida trip.

tomorrow is my shower.

wait. what?


i can't even believe it. we're almost at the two month mark!!!

we are 99% done with DESIGNING the wedding invitations. hopefully we'll get them printed and assembled...and dare i say it? SENT OUT? next week!??! i dread the amount of money i'm going to be spending on postage.

yesterday, josh and i picked up my ring and ordered his (mine we ordered a "sample" first because they didn't have anything like what i wanted in stock. it was PERFECT! plus, they ordered it in my size, cause it's now my ring, so i got to see EXACTLY what it would look like). i'm making josh keep it so i don't stare at it and try it on every second i can (cause i totes would).

we're slowly making the purchases for the reception decorations.

i'm changing my mind about shoes and jewelry. big surprise there.

i have my hair trial in two weeks!! so excited about that. still working on details about what to do about coloring my hair...

we got to hear the song my cousin wrote for us!! now we're just trying to make a decision on where exactly to put it!

kristen is slowly moving her stuff out into her new place! it's sad seeing our 2-years living together coming to an end, but i'm so excited for both of our new life stages! i can't wait to see her house (tomorrow)!!!

so, things are moving along. life is good.