Friday, June 4, 2010

wedding dilemma #who knows

so today mum & i met with the coordinator at the maennerchor.

we plan on serving beer and wine at the wedding, with a cash bar. we want our guests to have fun and be able to drink, but we can't break the bank doing so. we're going to pick three wines and one beer.

there's the dilemma. i know nothing about beer. i need some help from you out there who may have more experience with beer! josh, i need your opinion as well.

so, what's a good "standard" beer that people will enjoy? i need some suggestions and then maybe we'll do a poll to pick the winner! (or we just choose the beer josh picks, as he might prefer one over another...)


Jen Bragan said... Best Blogger Tips

I would say pick a light domestic beer. Its usually something everyone who likes or drinks beer can stomach. Being a bartender, whenever someone doesn't know what they want (I work at a brewery) and I usually suggest a light. If you want to choose something more unusual than just Bud/Coors/Miller Light I would pick a Summer Ale or Wheat Beer. These are good for summer, light in color and often have a citrus or fruit finish. These will tend to me more expensive...try names like Blue Moon, Hoegaarden, anything with the words "Wit" or "Heffewisen" in the name and you'll be good to go. I would say to avoid anything like Guiness, Harp, Bass, as those are domestics and have very characteristic tastes, try to stick with something that has a broad appeal unless Josh has a beer that is signature to him. In that case I think it would be fun to have everyone try his favorite beer, but only if WHENEVER he goes out he ALWAYS has a ___. You get the idea. Good luck with the planning! Congratulations!

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

cider beer from england!!!!!

Chris Falzone said... Best Blogger Tips

I would suggest Grolsch. It's light enough that people who like light beers will enjoy it, but strong enough that people who like darker beers will will enjoy it. I find even people who don't like beer like Grolsch: It is a bit more expensive though.

If want the cheaper variety, most people won't turn down a miller light if that's all ya got.